Me in 2023 Reveals the Streaming Habit That Defined Your Listening

November 29, 2023

Who were you as you streamed this past year? Your most adventurous self, dedicated to finding new artists and genres? Or perhaps a more introspective type, focused on creating your own perfect playlist. Maybe you were a combination. Throughout it all, your listening was true to yourself. That realness is something to celebrate and Wrapped serves as your receipt. 

Me in 2023 demonstrates a streaming habit that defined your listening this year. When you flip your card, it reveals a listening character specific to your tastes and habits on Spotify. Then, you can share it with the world so they can see—and celebrate—the true you. 

If you love examining different listening types as we do, dive into the 12 possible Me in 2023 characters that we created for 2023 Wrapped


Click on the cards below to read each description. Click anywhere to return to the gallery.

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