‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ Bestselling Author Jennette McCurdy Talks Inspiration and Audiobooks

As a teen actor, Jennette McCurdy found success when she landed a breakout role on a hit series. She went on to star in several other shows and films, and while she has since retired from acting, she’s found another creative outlet: writing.

In 2022 Jennette released her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died. The book details her time as a child actor and the difficult relationship she had with her mother. It was met with critical acclaim, instantly hitting #1 on The New York Times bestseller list where it remained for over 60 weeks.

Audiobook lovers can now pull up Spotify and hear the tales straight from the star in her self-narrated memoir. To celebrate the recent launch of our audiobooks offering for Spotify Premium users in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, For the Record caught up with Jennette to learn more about what she loves about audiobooks and where she finds inspiration.


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First, let’s talk about your work. What inspires your writing?

So much of my inspiration comes from personal experience, regardless of whether I’m writing fiction or nonfiction. Nonfiction is obviously going to be personal, but fiction really comes from the same place. It has to matter to me deeply, on a visceral level, in order for me to be as passionate and connected to it. I need it to be in order for me to see a project through for however many months or years it winds up taking. A lot of inspiration also comes from relationships. I’ll be exploring family relationships for the rest of my life.

You narrate the audiobook of I’m Glad My Mom Died. What do you love about audiobooks?

I love that audiobooks add an extra dimension to books. Sometimes, if I really like a book, I’ll then listen to the audiobook to see what, maybe, I didn’t get just through reading. Or understand “How did this person interpret it differently?” I think the delivery of a book says a lot about how somebody interpreted the book.

Is there an audiobook you’ve particularly enjoyed recently?

I listened to Fireworks Every Night recently.

Is there a fictional book character you resonate with?

Honestly, the protagonist, C.C., from Fireworks Every Night. I really resonate with her in a lot of different ways. She came from a lot of dysfunction and she really works to overcome that dysfunction and trauma in the best way that she could, and kind of breaks through it. And the book was written really beautifully.


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