Five Artists Reflect on Five Years of Spotify in India, Reaching New Fans, and the ‘True Power’ of Music

Since launching in India in 2019, Spotify has opened up opportunities for artists and creators across the country and established new ways for listeners to discover and consume audio. Five years later, were now the most-loved audio-streaming platform in India, especially among Gen Z and millennials.

We kicked off our anniversary celebrations earlier this month by taking a look at the impact weve had over the last five years, from Indian music and podcast consumption habits to the most-exported Indian artists. For the countrys artist community, the results speak for themselves.

Spotifys presence in India has connected talented local artists with global audiences, helping share their music far and wide. Today, more listeners than ever are discovering Indian artists around the world—in 2023, the global consumption of music from India grew by 85% year-over-year. And in fact, Indian musician Arijit Singh is the third-most-followed artist on Spotify worldwide.

Spotify has also deeply invested in educating Indian artists about Spotify for Artists, a platform that empowers artists by showing them how their music is being consumed and helping them better connect with fans. Today, more than 28,000 artists from India use Spotify for Artists, which is more than double what it was a year ago.

For the Record sat down with five artists—Anuv Jain, King, Jasleen Royal, Armaan Malik, and Jonita Gandhi—who’ve been with Spotify from the beginning of our journey in India to hear how they’ve found new audiences and created deeper connections.

Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain is one of India’s most popular independent music artists. His 2018 single Baarishein put him on the map. The singer-songwriter from Punjab relies almost solely on acoustics and soulful lyrics, drawing inspiration from his own life experiences.

How do you think Spotify has helped advance your career?

I am not sure whether people know this, but my music has been up on Spotify since before the platform even launched in India. So, we’ve had a long relationship. I think Spotify listeners want to explore a lot more music, as well as different genres, and that has definitely helped me out. All things considered, I think Spotify has helped me reach so many people, and I am truly grateful for that.

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Spotify has given me a platform to gauge how my audience is perceiving my music, the age group my audience belongs to, the cities I have the most listenership from, the countries I have managed to tap into, and so much more. This informs the way I connect with my audience. Since my audience mostly includes millennial and Gen Z listeners, this influences the way I communicate with them on my social platforms, the content I put out, and the cities I want to visit and perform at. I just concluded my tour in the U.K. and Ireland, which happened because we found out that I have great listenership in the region. We sold out both shows in London, as well as the Dublin and Manchester shows!


After his 2019 breakthrough on the Indian reality show MTV Hustle, rapper and pop star King has delivered a slew of hits. His Hindi-language track Maan Meri Jaan was the most-streamed song of 2023 in India on Spotify, and he also teamed up with Nick Jonas on a bilingual remix, Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife).”

How do you think Spotify has helped advance your career?

Spotify has been a crucial part of my story ever since its algorithms and playlists took my song Tu Aake Dekhle and shared it with listeners around the country and the world. It has helped me not only connect with my Kingsclan, but also attract new fans who have supported me and my music unconditionally.

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The fact that countless people have reached out to me over the years mentioning how they’ve found a safe space within my music always ends up reminding me of the true power of music and how it reaches people like I couldve never imagined. Im grateful for being able to share my music through this platform and being able to touch the lives of people in even the smallest way possible.

Jasleen Royal

Jasleen Royal is a self-taught singer-songwriter-composer who broke onto the scene in 2009 as a semifinalist on India’s Got Talent. She’s since built an impressive music career, including composing a number of hit Bollywood tracks.

How do you think Spotify has helped advance your career?

Spotify connected me to my fans, allowing me to share my music with them directly. It has given me exceptional reach across the world. Also, Spotify for Artists offers insights into how your songs are performing—and where—allowing you to use that information to plan even better.

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I remember when my track Kho Gaye Hum Kahan suddenly picked up years after its release. With Spotify for Artists, I was able to see the spike in streams—which otherwise would have gone unnoticed—and study where it was coming from. These kinds of statistics are very insightful for an artist.

Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik got his start as a child singer in Bollywood. After cementing his position in the Indian music industry, the singer-songwriter forayed into the global circuit with his 2020 debut English single, Control.” In 2022, he even teamed up with Ed Sheeran on a remix of 2step.

How do you think Spotify has helped advance your career?

Spotify has revolutionized my career. Its vast reach and the remarkable surge in listenership it enables has unlocked opportunities in countries I never even imagined reaching. Beyond the numbers, it’s the authentic connections with listeners from all walks of life that has been truly transformative. Spotify has been instrumental in shaping my pop career, catapulting it to thrilling new heights.

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A fantastic method of engaging with fans and expanding my audience is through curated playlists, particularly those crafted by artists themselves. One example is my own playlist, Hooked. It not only showcases my personal music preferences but also serves as a platform for teasing upcoming releases through clever hints and hidden surprises. It’s been an innovative way to connect with fans and keep them excited about what’s next in my musical journey. Another great feature is Clips, which can enhance the storytelling, adding more layers to the song within the ecosystem.

Jonita Gandhi

Born in New Delhi and raised in Toronto, Jonita Gandhi’s Canadian and Indian heritage helped shape her diverse musical palette. Today, the artist is an acclaimed multilingual singer who has recorded songs for some of India’s biggest movies. Earlier this year, she released her debut EP, Love Like That.

How do you think Spotify has helped advance your career?

Spotify has really helped me understand who’s listening to my music and what they’re resonating with. As a versatile artist, it’s sometimes hard to know who’s invested in my music, but Spotify has helped me tap into my true fans.

Share a story that highlights how Spotify has changed the way you connect with fans.

The first billboard I was featured on in my hometown of Toronto and in New York City’s Times Square was part of a Spotify campaign. I really believe that changed the way I connected with my audience, especially internationally. It made me feel seen and it was a full-circle experience.

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