Influencer and Entrepreneur Antonela Roccuzzo’s Exclusive New Playlist Reveals Her Favorite Workout Anthems

If you can’t get fit without music, you’re not alone. Today, Antonela Roccuzzo, one of the most iconic figures on social media, is sharing her Spotify playlist, WORKOUT X ANTONELA ROCCUZZO. It’s filled with music that energizes her and accompanies her workouts. 

This is the first of several playlists in an exclusive partnership between Antonela Roccuzzo and Spotify, offering a glimpse into the hits that soundtrack the daily life of the Argentine entrepreneur, model, and mom of three.

Featuring a number of today’s hottest Latin artists, like Nicki Nicole, Feid, Bizarrap, and, KAROL G, as well as RADAR featured artists like Maria Becerra, Antonela’s playlist will help get you motivated to hit the gym.

“Music is a part of me. I have always listened to music from everywhere, but there is something about Latin music that fascinates me,” Antonela said. “We have incredible artists, and it fills me with pride that they represent us internationally. Women in particular are making stronger strides, bringing their importance to the industry. The fact that they occupy the top spots in the music charts today speaks to their hard and constant work, and of course, their talent.” 

To learn more about what fans can expect from future playlists, For the Record checked in with Antonela about the way music fits into her life and the artists she’s listening to most right now.

How does music fit into your day-to-day life?

Music is not just a part of my daily life, but a part of me. Whether I’m at home, at gatherings with friends, or in the car, there’s always music playing—and it can’t be missing when it’s time for a workout.

What was it like to team up with Spotify?

Being able to collaborate with Spotify is great because it’s part of my daily life; the process was very natural. When we moved to Miami, I learned that the brand was starting a project for Latin American female talents. In Buenos Aires, they held a festival with only female artists, which seemed like a great and very important initiative. Being able to support these projects is very gratifying to me.

Can you tell us a little about the first playlist you’ve created?

I love having playlists that accompany my different moods. I usually start the day doing something active, and music is always an extra motivation that helps me get in a rhythm. So when I heard a new song that I liked, I added it to the list. Creating this playlist was a fun and personal process for me.

What’s your song of the summer?

I don’t know which one it’ll be, but lately, I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragons and Danny Ocean the most.

After you give Antonela’s playlist a listen, you can discover more about the social media celebrity on her Instagram profile.