Turn Up the Heat With Argentina’s and Brazil’s 2024 Songs of Summer

From December to March, as people across the Southern Hemisphere soak up the summer, music often emerges as a powerful representation of a region’s cultures and customs.

This summer, music in Argentina and Brazil reflected each country’s rich cultural diversity. From the infectious vibes of cuarteto to the catchy rhythms of cumbia and the far-reaching sounds of trap and funk music, Spotify served as the main stage for fans to discover and enjoy the hottest hits.

Now that the season has come to an end, we took a closer look at our data to uncover the trends driving streams on Spotify and, of course, which tracks brought the most heat.


On Spotify, listeners in Argentina came in hot this summer. In fact, the creation of playlists with the word “verano” or “summer” in the title was up 70% compared to summer 2023, resulting in more than 25,000 user-generated playlists.

As for which beats were blasted the most, one artist reigned supreme. Luck Ra nabbed three of the top 10 Songs of Summer, with his and KHEAs hit track “HOLA PERDIDA” racking up more than 43 million streams on Spotify in less than two months. Also, his new album QUE NOS FALTE TODO was the first Argentine album to reach Spotify’s Top Global Debut Album chart.

These are the 10 tracks that Argentines streamed the most on Spotify this summer:

      1. HOLA PERDIDA” – KHEA, Luck Ra
      2. Una Foto Remix (feat. Emilia)” – Mesita, Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK, Emilia
      3. QUE ME FALTE TODO” – Abel Pintos, Luck Ra
      4. La Morocha” – BM, Luck Ra
      5. Young Miko: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 58” – Bizarrap, Young Miko
      6. Inocente” – Roze Oficial, Peipper
      7. La_Original.mp3” – Emilia, TINI
      8. ROZE | DJ TAO Turreo Sessions #22” – DJ Tao, Roze Oficial
      9. Exclusive.mp3” – Emilia
      10. LUNA” – Feid, ATL Jacob

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Our listeners in Brazil were also celebrating with temperature-raising tracks. On Spotify, the creation of playlists with the word “verão” or “summer” in the title was up 38% compared to summer 2023, resulting in more than 20,000 user-generated playlists.

With four of the top 10 Songs of Summer, Ana Castela captivated fans this season. Also known as the “Boiadeira” (Portuguese for “cowgirl”), the singer-songwriter fuses sertanejo, the Brazilian style of country music, with electronic sounds.

These are the 10 tracks that Brazilians streamed the most on Spotify this summer:

      1. Let’s Go 4Dj GBR, MC GH do 7, MC GP, MC PH, MC Ryan SP, Mc Davi, Mc Don Juan, Mc IG, Mc Kadu, Mc Luki, TrapLaudo
      2. Me Leva Pra Casa / Escrito Nas Estrelas / Saudade – Ao VivoLauana Prado
      4. DEJA VU– Ana Castela, Luan Santana
      5. Barulho Do Foguete – Ao VivoZé Neto & Cristiano
      6. Tenho Que Me DecidirBorges, MC PH, Pedro Lotto, WEY, WIU
      7. Canudinho – Ao Vivo– Ana Castela, Gusttavo Lima
      8. Daqui pra SempreManu, Simone Mendes
      9. Dia de FluxoAgroPlay, Ana Castela, LUDMILLA
      10. Fronteira – Ao Vivo” – Ana Castela, Gustavo Mioto

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A wave of nostalgia

Beyond the top hits, a notable summer trend spotted by our editorial team in Brazil was an uptick in local artists’ breathing new life into older hits.

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