Holiday Hacks

How to Set Up Spotify on Your Google Home

Voice-activated speakers are some of the hottest gifts this holiday season, and the Google Home, Hub, Max, and Mini are no exceptions. If you just unwrapped one of these smart home devices, you probably can’t wait for it to fill your home with your favorite music, podcasts, and more—as soon as you set up the darn thing.

It’s easy, we promise. All you need is Google Home, your Spotify account info, and your smartphone or tablet with the Google Home app. Here’s how to connect your Google Home to Spotify:

  1. First, download the Google Home app from the Google Play or App store, and follow the prompts to set up your new Google Home device.
  2. Once connected, go to “Settings,” select “Music,” and then tap “Spotify” to set it as your default music service.
  3. Your Google Home app will ask you to link your Google and Spotify accounts. Have your Spotify username and password handy to start listening even faster.

Go ahead and test out your gadget’s skills. Try asking Google to play your favorite artists, songs, and playlists by saying:

“Okay Google…”

  • “Play Spotify.”
  • “Play my Discover Weekly.”
  • “Play hip-hop music.”
  • “Play ‘Angel’ by Lionel Richie.”
  • “Pause.”
  • “Like this song.”
  • “Skip forward 20 seconds.”
  • “Play the next song.”
  • “What’s playing?”
  • “What’s this album?”