First Tracks Drop from Escuta as Minas, Spotify’s Brazil-Based Recording Studio for Female Artists

A side street in São Paulo, Brazil, has seen some noisy neighbors move in—the very best kind. That’s because rising female artists have begun to record new songs in Casa de Música – Escuta as Minas (House of Music – Listen to Women), a Spotify-created safe space for women to write, record, and produce music. The house welcomed its first artists, including Bibi Caetano, The Mönic, Souto MC, and Luana Marques.

Through the Equalizer Project and other initiatives, Spotify has been leading a sustained effort to elevate women in the recording industry. Escuta as Minas is the latest example, with the house opened to shine a light on—and help correct—the longstanding gender imbalance in the music industry. Currently, only 21% of artists are women, and only 2% of producers are female.

In addition to being a recording space with an all-female crew, Escuta as Minas allocates resources for other aspects of the music industry, such as workshops on uploading and optimizing content on Spotify, and assistance with photo shoots. The house will continue welcoming female artists and producers through the end of 2019.

Check out the first songs from Spotify’s special São Paulo studio.

 Souto MC Ressurreição

Luana Marques Gastando Choro Novo

Ni Munhoz “Loba da Mata” 

The Mönic “Frágil”

Barbara Amorim “Verdade” 

LUDI “Filho” 

Samantha Machado “O Que Voce E”

Want to explore more? Stream the official Escuta as Minas playlist.