The First-Ever Halloween Podcast Playlist Creeps onto Spotify

Are you obsessed with paranormal activity and the occult? Or maybe it’s just the changing of the leaves and appearance of jack-o’-lanterns that puts you in the mood for scary stories? Wherever you fall, Spotify’s first-ever Halloween podcast playlist is here to help you embrace the spooky side of the holiday.

Curated by Max Cutler, founder and managing director of Parcast at Spotify, this playlist is guaranteed to leave you quaking in your boots. Explore ghastly tales from the Salem Witch Trials to urban legend, The Slenderman, and more as you prepare for All Hollows’ Eve.

“Halloween is the ultimate time of the year for skin crawling tales. Everyone has a favorite scary story and a horror movie classic that they come back to year after year, but now we’re giving Spotify users an exciting new way to experience their favorite haunting tales with a new podcast playlist created just for Halloween,” Cutler says. “Once you strip the visuals, listening to podcasts can become more intimate and we are all about crafting spooky audio stories for our listeners.”

Max Cutler, founder and managing director of Parcast at Spotify

And listeners just can’t get enough. In fact, spooky podcast listening increased by 138.5% between October 2018 and October 2019. Topping the list? Last Podcast on the Left, And That’s Why We Drink, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, The NoSleep Podcast, and Lore

People also love to tune in to Parcast titles Today in True Crime and Serial Killers for their dose of spooky stories. Ready to send chills up your spine? Check out Spotify’s Halloween podcast playlist, below.