After 7 Years of Breaking Boundaries, Spotify’s Baila Reggaeton Playlist Hits 10 Million Followers

Reggaeton first surfaced in Panama in the 1970s and quickly took on a vibrant life of its own. As the genre found footholds in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the United States, it also welcomed new talents and sounds. In the years to follow, the reggae-dancehall fusion solidified as a prevailing cultural movement with its own language, symbols, and artistic identity. In 2013, Spotify recognized this rapidly growing movement and created the Baila Reggaeton playlist. Now, seven years later, the playlist has skyrocketed—much like the genre itself—and has now reached 10 million followers.

From Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” in the mid-2000s to 2017’s “Mi Gente” by J Balvin, the genre—and the playlist that captured it all—has seen explosive growth and influence throughout the years. Two reggaeton artists (Daddy Yankee and J Balvin) have even become the number-one-streamed artist on Spotify globally following the release of their hits on the playlist.  

But these milestones are only the tip of the reggaeton iceberg. The Baila Reggaeton playlist has ridden the genre’s groove and helped break the new wave of reggaeton artists like Sech, Rauw Alejandro, and Lunay. The top 10 songs streamed on the playlist from January 1, 2014, to now encompass many of the artists who make up the sounds of the genre.    

  1. Sola (Remix)” — Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Farruko, Wisin, Zion & Lennox
  2. Te Boté – Remix” ­— Bad Bunny, Casper Magico, Darell, Nicky Jam, Nio Garcia, Ozuna
  3. Me Rehúso” — Danny Ocean
  4. Escápate Conmigo” ­— Ozuna, Wisin
  5. La player (Bandolera)” ­— Zion & Lennox
  6. Otra vez” — J Balvin, Zion & Lennox
  7. Sin Pijama” — Becky G, Natti Natasha
  8. Criminal” ­— Natti Natasha, Ozuna
  9. Vaina Loca” ­— Manuel Turizo, Ozuna
  10. Ahora Dice” ­— Arcangel, Chris Jeday, J Balvin, Ozuna

The increasing popularity of reggaeton is reflected not only on this playlist, but also heavily across social media platforms, where reggaeton artists thrive and have become cultural influencers, tastemakers, and role models for the new generation of Latin music fans. See what some of your favorites have to say.

What does it feel like to be part of a genre that has now revolutionized the music industry?

Becky G: I feel empowered to be a part of a genre that is revolutionizing the music industry. I have always believed in the power of music and how it can bring others together, so I love seeing how the universal language of music is starting to pick up a little slang from us too. 

J Balvin: It feels amazing. I have spent my entire career trying to push the “Latino Gang” culture forward, so it feels special to see the genre become a truly worldwide movement.

Ivy Queen: I feel great pride to see how a genre that started off in Borinquen’s streets and garages has shaken the world.

Daddy Yankee: I always had the vision that reggaeton would be heard in the entire world. It was already a lifestyle but it took some time to realize that people would grow within this new culture—it was a movement. I was absolutely clear about it, and even if they called me crazy I always envisioned what we are now living through.

Being the fourth-most-followed playlist on Spotify shows the incredible growth of Latin music. What do you look forward to in the upcoming year between Spotify and its support for Latin artists?

Daddy Yankee: It took me three decades to take the music to the world. Nowadays, the music reaches the world in one day through the platform. 

Ivy Queen:  I hope that we can always count on Spotify’s support and that more playlists are developed for fans of all ages.

J Balvin: I look forward to welcoming even more fans to the movement. Latino culture has so much to offer the world and I’m excited to keep spreading those good vibes and great music.

Becky G: The thing I look forward to the most in the upcoming year between Spotify and its support for Latin artists is the continued growth and momentum. It’s also incredible to have a platform for all of us to share our stories and connect with one another. Spotify is an incredible partner and really helps pave the way for all types of artists (emerging or experienced) to reach their audience.

Catch more from Daddy Yankee in a new video that celebrates and recognizes reggaeton culture. Plus, catch him in the new playlist cover art.


Celebrate the 10 million follower milestone by streaming Baila Reggaeton below.