Go Behind the Scenes of 2020 Wrapped on Our ‘Spotify: For the Record’ Podcast

Every December Spotify announces Wrapped, one of the most anticipated moments of the year  where we unveil the most streamed artists, albums, songs, playlists, and podcasts that defined how more than 320 million people around the world listened to and discovered audio. Whether it was to stay informed, sing along, or simply tune it all out, people kept listening and creators never missed a beat. 

If you’re eager to learn more about what artists and podcasters defined this year that was unlike any other, you can find 2020’s most-streamed lists here. Want to go behind the scenes? Check out the latest episode of our podcast Spotify: For the Record.

Today we’re chatting with Alex Bodman, Spotify’s VP, Global Executive Creative Director, who gives us a peek behind the creative process and insight into the final product. Learn how this unprecedented year influenced the campaign’s themes of “gratitude” and “resilience.”

One of the most exciting things about Wrapped is learning who, globally, is the most-streamed artist on Spotify. This year, that honor goes to Bad Bunny. In this episode, hear from Spotify’s Co-Head of Music, Jeremy Erlich, as he calls up the Puerto Rican rapper to share the news.

And while Bad Bunny secured the top spot, our data revealed that 2020 has been a strong year overall for Latin music, with five of the top 20 most-streamed artists falling into this category. We talk to Monica Herrera Damashek, Spotify’s Head of U.S. Latin, Artist Label Partnerships in North America, to learn more about why these artists and their music resonates with so many listeners around the world.

Ready to unwrap this year’s Wrapped? Check out the episode “2020: That’s a Wrap!” 


This episode is no longer available as of November 2021, however you can get more great stories and news delivered audibly by following our podcasts, Spotify: For the Record, Spotify: Mic Check, and Spotify: Discover This.