RADAR Artist Nathy Peluso Shares Her Approach to Bending and Blending Genres

Artist Nathy Peluso isn’t afraid to push a genre’s limits—or her own. The Barcelona-based singer, writer, and producer spent the first 10 years of her life in Argentina before moving to Spain. Now, she’s creating genre-blending songs inspired by music from all over the world.

The 26-year-old’s ability to jump between sounds, languages, accents, and even characters has gained the emerging artist global recognition and the title of Spotify U.S. RADAR artist. Through RADAR, Spotify’s global emerging-artist program, Nathy will be featured on the RADAR playlist, have the opportunity to record music for our Spotify Singles program, and star in a biographical mini-documentary, in addition to a full suite of on- and off-platform marketing, promotional, and editorial support.

Nathy’s sound ranges from lyrical hip-hop to pop-inspired anthems, and she has been celebrated for her debut album Calambre, as well as for songs like Latin Grammy-nominated “Corashe” and fan favorite “Business Woman.” She also made waves with her noteworthy collaboration “GATO MALO” on KAROL G’s recent album KG0516. The singer has become known for her versatility and knack for creating thought-provoking characters within her performances.

“Nathy Peluso’s creative output is bold, empowering, and eclectic,” shares Monica Herrera Damashek, Spotify’s Head of U.S. Latin Artist & Label Partnerships, North America. “Her music is uniquely modern and classic, mixing everything from Latin hip-hop and soul to tango and salsa, and her visual aesthetic and live performances are undeniable. She’s already developed a passionate fan base across Spain and Latin America that can’t wait to hear what’s next from Nathy, and we’re thrilled to support her continued growth internationally and in the U.S.”

Her nearly 4.7 million monthly listeners are eagerly awaiting her new single, “Mafiosa,” which debuts today. For the Record caught up with the performer to learn more about the single, her creative process, and her inspiration.

You’re known for creating bold, genre-bending music. How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

I like to push the limits when writing or composing. I don’t like to limit my music to one genre. I mix things that don’t typically go together but still sound fresh and different. I have lots of inspirations—salsa, hip-hop, R&B, rock and roll, Brazilian sounds, world music—and they all seduce me enormously. I learn so much when listening to music; I’m like a sponge that soaks all these different sounds up. Then I try to make new songs from all my inspirations.

I also enjoy fusing the organic sounds of musical instruments with more synthetic sounds. And I love working with my band and great musicians. For me, making music is about pushing myself and trying to constantly evolve. 

What are you looking forward to as Spotify’s latest RADAR U.S. artist?

I hope being a RADAR U.S. artist allows new audiences to discover my music and inspires more people in different countries and cultures to listen to my songs.

What should listeners expect from your new single, “Mafiosa”?

“Mafiosa” is a song that tells the story of a situation many women go through. It’s a message of female empowerment. When I wrote it, I tried to transmit internal power and security. I feel strong when I sing and dance to “Mafiosa.”

It’s also an homage to salsa, a genre that I love with all my heart. I hope people feel connected to salsa rhythms when they listen to this song and enjoy it as much as I do.

How does channeling a character in your music and music videos help you express yourself? Do you have a favorite character or persona you’ve created for a song?

Each song I compose has a personality that moves me. I inhabit different characters through the sound, the movement, the aesthetics, the gestures . . . I build an imaginary world around each song where a character belongs. I studied dance and musical theater, and both disciplines are a key part of my artistic process. Building those characters and impersonations is a lot of fun for me, and I believe it strengthens my music and makes it different. 

I’ve enjoyed my many characters. I try to make them strong, since each of them is a statement in a way. I’m now enjoying the Mafiosa Nathy a lot. She’s risky, sexy, and fun. She empowers me!

This past year presented many unprecedented challenges. How has it changed the way you approach your music? Did it bring about new types of inspiration?

All distractions disappeared during lockdown, so I was able to focus on my music a lot. I finished my album in the middle of the pandemic! I must confess that having so much time at home alone made me a little obsessed and become a perfectionist with the details. But it was good to nail the album I was dreaming of. Overall, it was a different but good experience for me—I was really connected with my music, my inspirations, and myself. It made me see things from a different perspective.

What are some Spotify tools you’re using to connect with fans? 

Spotify is the platform I use the most to discover new music and to share my music. I’m constantly researching, making playlists, sharing songs, and analyzing my insights to understand my audiences better. 

What advice do you have for fellow emerging artists?

I would say: Stay true to the music you feel and that you like. Give yourself freedom to create, and work very hard. Don’t get overwhelmed or overshadowed by what the market wants, what is commercial or trendy in a specific moment, or what works for the algorithms. Push the limits, try new things, take risks, and enjoy the ride!

Check out the latest music from Nathy and start streaming her new single, “Mafiosa,” below.