Julien Bam and Rezo Bring the Cultural Conversation Directly to Fans With New German Podcast ‘Hobbylos’

What do you get when you put a pair of video personalities in front of a microphone with no cameras in sight? According to German social media star Rezo, “We can just sit naked in front of the microphone and no one cares.”

Combine Rezo’s humor and personality with that of best friend and cohost Julien Bam, one of Germany’s biggest creators, and the result is Hobbylos. In German, “hobbylos” refers to people who are generally so busy that they don’t have time for a hobby. The Spotify Original podcast gives Julien and Rezo a chance to slow down in an honest and stripped-down format that includes current event recaps, clever bouts of humor, and occasional musical sidelines. 

Photo Credit: Harald Schaack

Rezo and Julien have been making videos together for years, and it’s safe to say they’re familiar with putting it all out there. But as Julien shared, “A podcast is something new for both of us thematically.” It has them exploring a new, more intimate way of interacting. “With a podcast, we can talk at the drop of a hat and at the same time go deeper into the subject matter.”

“We look forward to just being heard and not seen,” added Rezo. “That’s one thing we aren’t used to.”

Fans can expect weekly episodes where the pair recaps current events and what’s trending online, from hotly debated social media topics to political headlines. “Sure, sometimes [our conversations] will be about $h*tstorms or trends that happened during the week, but we’ll also get to talk about personal things,” Julien told For the Record.

Listeners will get to know the hosts as they share personal stories and show off their entertainment skills. 

Check out the Hobbylos trailer below and stay tuned for the first episode, dropping July 17 exclusively on Spotify.