Brooke Wells and NOBULL Bring Beast Mode to the CrossFit Games

On July 27, 2021 hundreds of athletes from around the world will meet in Madison, Wisconsin, to compete in the 15th annual CrossFit Games. The event tests athletes in a variety of unannounced fitness tasks, from long-distance swims to handstand walking to rope climbs. Those who are competing have to be prepared for anything in order to earn the title of “Fittest on Earth.”

For this year’s Games, Spotify Advertising is partnering with global training brand NOBULL and athlete Brooke Wells for specialty audio and video ads, as well as a sponsorship of Spotify’s most popular workout playlist: Beast Mode.

Brooke, who has qualified for and competed in the Games since 2015, knows that the road to the competition requires unrelenting hard work and dedication. She’s logged long hours of daily training to get her body and mind prepared for the grueling tasks she will face in Madison.

Ahead of the Games, For the Record caught up with Brooke to learn what it’s like to compete and what music helps her train her best.

You spend so much time training for the CrossFit Games. How does it feel to finally arrive at the event?

It’s extremely exciting and a bit of a relief to finally make it to this point in the season. Qualifying for the CrossFit Games is no guarantee, and the training is extremely demanding. I am so ready to be back on the competition floor in front of an in-person crowd and show everyone how hard I’ve worked.

You’ve talked about how preparing for the competition isn’t just physical but also mental. How do you get in the right mindset before you compete?

I embrace a feeling of focus and calm just before I walk out onto the competition floor. There is so much physical preparation that goes into CrossFit competition, but the work is mental too. I’ve worked hard on both elements throughout my career. When I’m about to compete, I trust that I’m exactly where I need to be and that I’ve done the hard work to get myself there.

How does music play a role in your workouts? 

Music plays a very important role during my training sessions. We spend long hours in the gym and sometimes the right song will help keep me in the right mindset. My training partners know I’m the DJ of our gym and that I’ll keep the energy up!

What type of music do you listen to when you train? 

I love high-energy music that matches my training intensity. I listen to a mix of EDM and hip-hop. Some of my current gym staples are Drake, Future, Kevin Gates, and SAINt JHN.

Do you prefer different genres for different types of workouts? 

I like music to match my mood. Sometimes that could be a lifting session to country music, or something higher intensity for a quick metcon [metabolic conditioning]. Occasionally a podcast will help distract me during a long conditioning run or bike. 

What are your go-to Spotify playlists to listen to while training?

My go-to Spotify workout playlist is Beast Mode. I am so excited to be able to take over this playlist during the CrossFit Games. The Beast Mode playlist is an iconic workout playlist, with hundreds of songs that are fueling millions of people’s workouts. I love knowing that the other people listening to Beast Mode are putting in the hard work just like me. 

How do you like to wind down from a day of competition? Is there any music that helps you reset and relax?

Recovery is so important, especially during competition. I have a lot of tools to help my body physically recover, and music plays a role in helping my mind wind down so I can reset and be prepared for what the next day will bring. It could be meditating to something like Deep Focus, or anything that has a slower pace. 

Get ready for the CrossFit Games by streaming Spotify’s Beast Mode playlist below.