All-Stars Shania Twain, Lauren Alaina, and Lily Rose Join BRELAND in the Debut Episode of ‘Spotify: Discover This’

Country artists and fans can attest that over the last 50 years the genre has grown remarkably. It’s something we’re exploring in Spotify: Discover This, one of our three expanded company news podcasts that’s dedicated to sharing fresh insights on music, podcasting, cultural moments, and trends. And in our inaugural episode, we’re getting a little bit country. 

Twenty-six-year-old artist BRELAND, known for his viral hit “My Truck,” joins us from the road to guest host and explore the evolving sound.

“We look at [the ’90s] as the golden age of country music, but I think we’re in a golden age of country music right now,” the singer shares in the episode. “We have to respect what came before us to be able to have context for moving forward. And I think being able to honor that history is so significant, and this is a really great time to do it.”

Together, BRELAND and his four guests offer an expert overview of the genre’s history and recent trends. Artist Lauren Alaina kicks off the conversation by unpacking the meaning of success and giving BRELAND some hilarious tips on pre-show prep. Spotify’s Head of Artist and Label Partnerships in Nashville, Brittany Schaffer, also digs into an unexpected trend: the rise of nostalgic 90s songs.

Of course, no country conversation would be complete without the one and only Shania Twain. The icon’s ’90s hits have been included in the recent resurgence thanks to a wave of enthusiastic Gen Z listeners. The singer joins the episode to reflect on her expanding audience and changes she’s seen in the genre over the years.

“In my experience, every genre of music evolves over the decades and that goes for country music as well,” Shania shares with BRELAND. “ . . . I’m just really proud and happy to have been a part of that. I like to go with the change, and I like to be part of the change.”

Lily Rose, one of 2021’s fastest-rising stars, concludes the episode with a look to the future, examining modern-day success in the industry and growing diversity and representation in Nashville.

Don’t miss a moment. Buckle up and accompany BRELAND on a unique tour of today’s country music on “Expanding the Sound of Country Music.” And stay tuned for the premiere of Spotify: Mic Check on October 21 and the relaunch of Spotify: For the Record on October 28.