The Spooky Spotify Podcasts, Greenroom Live Events, and Songs Sure To Give You Goosebumps This Scary Season

On October 1, listeners were ready: There was a nearly 100% jump in Halloween-themed streaming on the first day of the spookiest month, compared to the day before. And with over 2.9 million user-generated Halloween playlists to choose from, it’s fair to say the sounds of spooky season can be found on Spotify. So whether you’re streaming the cult classics, finding new spooky songs, or looking for a podcast to give you goosebumps, there’s something for everyone on Spotify. 

Spirited Halloween streaming 

This October, we’ve noticed that all-time Halloween classics are back in action, with streams significantly spiking when compared to the previous month. “Monster Mash,” for example, was up by 350%, and “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas was up by 280%. However, there are also some new “tricks” on the block: More recent popular songs added to Halloween playlists include “Stranger Things” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein; “bad guy” by Billie Eilish; “Black Magic” by Little Mix; “Season of the Witch” by Lana Del Rey; “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max; and “Get Ghost” by A$AP Ferg, Mark Ronson and Passion Pit

And finally, when it comes to true crime and horror podcast content, the western states of the U.S.—including Wyoming, Montana and Utah—were among the top in the country to stream scary-themed podcasts (relative to their overall podcast listening).

Our howlin’ Halloween hub

Not sure where to start? We’ve brought back our Halloween hub, with a spiderweb of curated content to get you into the spirit. In addition to the essential Halloween music on Headbanger Halloween, Trick or Treat, and Fright Fest, the hub will feature spooktacular podcast playlist curations from the likes of Benito Skinner, Stephanie Soo, Loey Lane and Snitchery, Ashley Flowers, and Last Podcast on the Left. Also head there if you’re looking for editorial podcast playlists like Spooky Stories, Unsolved Crimes & Mysteries, True Crime Scene, or Conspiracy Theories

The truest True Crime Scene hub

We’ve also refreshed our True Crime Scene hub to feature new podcast content, with new podcast playlists, frighteningly binge-worthy pop culture podcasts, true crime series, and more—including themed episodes from shows like Crime Movie Club. While you’re there, check out our Spooky Stories podcast playlist, where we’re counting down the 31 spookiest ghost stories, one per day, leading up to Halloween. 

Don’t ghost on Greenroom

Finally, Spotify Greenroom is also getting in the spooky season spirit with a week full of live, interactive programming celebrating Halloween, including conversations on everything from scary movies to conspiracy theories to real-life ghost encounters. In addition to Spotify Greenroom’s true crime shows Crime Movie Club and True Crime Rewind, check out the pop culture conspiracy-focused Popspiracy and the mystical Ask the Tarot, which are always perfectly poised to celebrate Halloween. Spotify Greenroom is available for download on iOS and Android devices. 

Can’t get enough spookiness? In honor of the season, here are some of the shows with special or themed Halloween episodes or Greenroom Live rooms. 

October 19: 

  • Crime Show, “A Ghost Story”
    • “Ghost Suspected of Causing Fire That Killed Two People” was the headline the day after. A parapsychologist goes to the scene of the crime to investigate.

October 25: 

  • Obsessed Live Halloween podcast
    • Hosts Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone have a lot to talk about when it comes to all the things they’re “obsessed” with. This special Halloween episode with guest Kim Petras was taped in front of a live studio audience.
  • A Gay in the Life Spotify Greenroom 8pm ET/5pm PT
      • Hosts Garrett Clayton and Blake Knight discuss the portrayal of the “homosexual villian” in television and film and the significance of Halloween in the LGBTQIA community.
      • Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam talk about all of the unforgettable “horrific” moments from the “Real Housewives” and other Bravo fan-favorite franchises.
    • Comedian Jon Gabrus breaks down the highly anticipated releases of “Dune” and “The French Dispatch” as well as the best—and worst—horror movies of all time.

October 26: 

  • We Said What We Said, “Horror Stories”
    • Join Trickey and Deadzel for a spooky episode about all things Halloween. Favorite scary movies! The supernatural! Costumes! Listen if you dare.
  • The Rewatchables 
    • Host Bill Simmons returns to Haddonfield, Illinois to revisit Michael Myers in the 1978 classic Halloween.
  • Campfire Stories Spotify Greenroom Series Premiere – 11pm ET/8pm PT
    • Sabrina and Corinne of the Two Girls, One Ghost podcast make their Spotify Greenroom debut, sharing their own scary ghost stories before inviting the audience to share their own. 
  • Creepyhunters Premiere (Spanish language)
    • This new Spotify Original podcast from Mexico is a fiction story created by Julio Rojas, creator of the chart-topping Chilean podcast, Caso 63. Horror fans will be on the edge of their seats as a group of friends encounter a mysterious creature in a cenote (pool or cave) in the Yucatán Peninsula—and discover an even more mysterious organization. 

October 27: 

  • Not Past It, “Who Killed Harry Houdini?”
    • Harry Houdini escaped from handcuffs, sea monsters and torture cells, but his last great illusion defied even the spirits. On October 31, 1936, the famous escape artist was set to come back from the dead. But, as spooky as that sounds, the backstory to uncover America’s most notorious frauds of the day, is even more devilish.
  • Let’s Get MedicalSpotify Greenroom Series Premiere – 10pm ET/7pm PT
    • Twin doctors Desmond and Darien Sutton share their craziest stories from the year’s spookiest night in the ER.

October 31: 

    • Teenager Therapy Live – Spotify Greenroom 9pm ET/6pm PT
      • Our Teenager Therapy hosts dive into all things Halloween … on Halloween! Get ready for costumes, parties, embarrassing memories, and maybe feelings surrounding fears and phobias.
    • A weekly podcast hosted by Ismael Méndez that tells of the urban legends, stories, and terrors that have given Mexico its cultural identity.


Still figuring out your costume? Try Stephanie Soo’s Spooky Vampires playlist on for size.