Welcome to the Redesigned ‘For the Record’ Newsroom

Every day, those of us behind For the Record have the pleasure and privilege of covering all things Spotify. From our newest partnerships and playlists to data deep dives, our work serves to highlight how Spotify acts as a mirror, megaphone, and incubator for culture. We connect you, our readers, with countless creators, artists, and podcasters, as well as our own employees, and we always seek to do it in the best way possible. Above all, we believe in the power and importance of being able to tell the story of our company—including our products, passions, and people—in our own words.

All this is why we’re so excited to reveal our redesign, which ushers in the next chapter of For the Record.

Spotify has an engaged following spanning geographies, generations, and interests, and For the Record is the same. You may be a fan or creator, or follow us from the financial and business communities. On For the Record, there’s something here for each of you—and we know that each time we update our communications channels, we better equip ourselves to speak to our audience directly, in the way that is most impactful to them. 

So in addition to a sleeker and more dynamic, interactive design overall, here are a few of the new elements For the Record readers can look forward to:

1. More ways to easily find the stories you’re curious about

Visitors who come to our newsroom may do so to learn how to make a collaborative playlist, read the latest interview with their favorite EQUAL artist, or find our most recent earnings statement. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll still find it here on the home page—as well as more directly in the reorganized “News” section of our site. Head straight to the news section you’re searching for—whether that’s “What’s New” or “Culture and Trends”—or hit “shuffle” to see the latest across all categories.

2. Every episode from our three company news podcasts in one place

We recently expanded Spotify: For the Record from one company podcast to three that are better tailored to our audiences. And now, you can find each episode of Spotify: For the Record, Spotify: Mic Check, and Spotify: Discover This within the newsroom itself. Find all of them listed in the header navigation under “Podcasts.”

3. A jumping-off point into resources from across Spotify

We know that our visitors may be artists, podcasters, or advertisers looking for information that’s more meaningful to them. So our brand new Spotlight and Spotify Communities sections on the For the Record home page better caters to our visitors, no matter who they are. These new, dynamic sections allow us to showcase the incredible work happening across the business and ensure that creators, fans, and partners are directed to the resources best suited for them—perhaps even by playing the latest company podcast episode right in the browser. What’s more, For the Record’s dynamic integration with the Spotify app and Spotify Greenroom also helps send visitors exactly where they want to go.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: You’ll continue to find breaking Spotify news, exclusive company insights, and stories of all the innovation in audio taking place within our company every day. 

Millions of people around the world—including fans, creators, prospective employees, partners, advertisers, and more—turn to Spotify for an always-on, tuned-in experience. As you explore the redesigned For the Record, you’ll find the same. Enjoy!