Cover art for podcast DRIVE with Jim Farley

Ford CEO Jim Farley Launches New Podcast ‘DRIVE’ featuring Jimmy Kimmel and Dax Shepard

It’s hardly a surprise that Ford CEO Jim Farley is a car guy. As a kid he was nicknamed Jimmy Car Car—a moniker that follows him to this day—and there’s hardly a moment when Jim isn’t talking about cars. 

But he now has a new claim to fame: He’s the host of a new podcast called DRIVE premiering May 25. Jim is stepping behind the mic to interview friends, comedians, and fellow auto enthusiasts about the ways cars unite us all.

In anticipation of DRIVE’s premiere, For the Record caught up with Jim to find out what attracted him to podcasting, the passion that exists around car culture, and what he’s learned along the way. 

What led you to do a podcast in the first place?

I’ve been passionate about cars basically my entire life, and the podcast was a chance to connect with others about our mutual love for the things that get us around. Having these conversations helps me recharge my batteries and connect with my love for cars outside of business.

Ford CEO Jim Farley standing in a Ford manufacturing plant

Drive is a show about passion and what drives you, through the lens of cars. Why did you choose podcast as a medium for this conversation?

It seemed like the best platform to capture a full conversation. I learn by talking to people, and sometimes you need a solid block of time to dig deep with someone.

Your podcast guests include Dax Shepard, Jimmy Kimmel, The Duke of Richmond, and Patrice Banks. How did you decide on those individuals? What made their stories speak to you?

Each of my guests fascinates me in different ways. I wanted to talk with people from different walks of life who also shared a love of cars. When we first started, we had a big list of people we wanted to talk to and just narrowed it down over time.

There are so many different ways to be passionate about cars—driving, collecting, racing, fixing, general trivia—what do you think makes them such a beloved item and symbol for people?

Everyone has a story in their life that’s linked to a car. You don’t have to be a car collector or auto exec to connect through these stories. People are passionate about vehicles. Yes, they can physically take you from point A to point B, but what happens on these journeys is often what you remember.

What have you learned since creating and hosting this podcast?

Well first, I learned how to host a podcast! When I first started, I wasn’t all that good. But I got better. And I’m extremely grateful to my guests like Dax and Jimmy, who were gracious with their time and advice about how to do this. 

Second, in talking to some really inspiring people, I learned that almost none of them had a sense of destiny that they’d find success or be great. All of them had doubts, failures, and adversities. It was humbling, and a reminder that what matters is the sense of purpose and passion to do what you love and do it well, not the sense that everything will work out.

What is your go-to song or podcast for listening in the car?

Whatever my kids want to listen to! They are in charge!

What drives you, personally?

A duty to my family and my grandfather, who was employee #389 at Ford. I truly believe Ford can help make the world a better place, and that’s a legacy I’m willing to sacrifice for.

Curious what you can expect once DRIVE premieres? Find out by listening to the trailer below.