Red Bull Batalla and Spotify logos on blue and red background

Spotify Officially Partners With Red Bull Batalla To Create The Ultimate Freestyle Tournament Listening Experience

The emotional moment when two rappers take the stage for a freestyle battle is incomparable: The energy flows to the rhythm of the beats while the MCs—armed with their mental agility, linguistic acrobatics and lyricism—face off to show who has the best flow. The ritual of the rap battle is the foundation of hip hop and remains as valid as ever today with a new generation of fans.

Now, Spotify will officially partner with the largest freestyle tournament in Spanish, Red Bull Batalla, offering a unique, dedicated listening experience in a hub with playlists, battles in audio format, podcasts, and more.

In the official Red Bull Batalla playlist, fans will find the best of rappers who have emerged victorious and the most exciting tracks from the current tournament, including “Crescendo,” the anthem with the most beloved talent of the 2021 season.

In addition, fans will be able to follow their favorite rappers in each of the ten national finals: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Central America and the United States, leading to the grand final in Mexico this December. The battles will be remastered especially for an album format, released by Red Bull Records, and fans can relive the thrill of historical battles through their ears as many times as they like in This is: Red Bull Batalla

What’s more, fans can benefit from all of Spotify’s beloved features, including Lyrics—important when contestants are improvising by the second—and Storylines, which includes written commentary by the protagonists of the battles.

Follow the best of Red Bull Batalla and stay tuned for more news about the competition and its players on Spotify.