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This International Podcast Day, We’re Dishing Out Trivia on Some of Our Favorite Shows

Today marks International Podcast Day, and as the world’s most popular audio-streaming subscription service with more than 4 million podcasts on our platform, it’s no surprise that we are a big fan of the audio medium.

Every month, our Podcast Editorial team is busy curating shelves that highlight popular genres so that you can find your next binge. And all around the world, our Sound Up program is arming underrepresented voices with the skills they need to create their own podcasts, and our RADAR Podcasters program is spotlighting emerging voices worldwide. Editors from different markets have also created a global hub titled “Celebrate International Podcast Day” which features some of the most popular podcasts around the world, and also some of the most popular in each market, that have been trending in the Podcast Charts over the past 30 days.

But today isn’t just about the millions of voices who have gone behind the mic. It’s also about the listeners who fuel the love that exists for podcasts. So fans, get ready—it’s time to test the breadth of your podcast knowledge with our special quiz on some of Spotify’s popular original or exclusive podcasts. How many can you answer correctly?

1. Call Her Daddy, a podcast from Alex Cooper, recently returned for the season two premiere. Daddy Gang, who was her first guest for the season?

2. Spotify's hit Chilean podcast Caso 63 is gearing up for its final season, giving audiences the epic conclusion of the story of Pedro Roiter & Dra. Elisa Aldunate. In the first season, where do these two characters meet?

3. Armchair Expert, cohosted by actor, filmmaker, and comedian Dax Shepard and Emmy-nominated producer and personality Monica Padman, has attracted a loyal following since its launch in 2018. What is the name given to fans of the podcast?

4. In her new podcast, Archetypes, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, dives into the labels that try to hold women back. What is the label that she discusses in her episode with actress Mindy Kaling?

5. What episodic milestone did The Ringer’s flagship show, The Bill Simmons Podcast, recently celebrate?

6. In his podcast, Tony Parker, Le Podcast, former NBA star Tony Parker aims to share his learnings, and those of his friends and celebrities, to have a positive impact on the younger generation. Who was Tony Parker's first guest?

7. Earlier this year, Batman Unburied launched in multiple languages around the world, with each version having its own localized cast and production teams. How many language adaptations are there?

8. In the Indian true crime show Death Lies and Cyanide, the homely church-going Jolly Amma Joseph is accused of killing six people over 14 years. Who were these people?

9. What was the first movie that was featured on The Rewatchables, a film podcast from The Ringer?

10. What other music podcast has The RapCaviar Podcasts Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins hosted?

11. At the start of each episode, Toni and Ryan call a fan from somewhere in the world and ask for something. What is it they’re asking for?

12. Which of these topics hasn’t been tackled by the current season of Science Vs, a podcast that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between?

13. In 2021, one of the episodes of the podcast Mano a Mano, hosted by Brazilian rapper Mano Brown, was one of the most listened to episodes of any podcast on the platform in Brazil. Who was the guest?