New Gear, Gadgets, or Upgrades You Can Use With Spotify

At Spotify, we know it’s important to be able to listen to your favorite music and podcasts wherever and whenever. We’re serious about making sure you can do just that as part of our core ubiquity strategy. That’s why we’ve worked to make Spotify available on over 2,000 devices from plenty of brands. We’re always adding new ones, so get to know some of our latest additions. 

Access Spotify and your recommendations via Ambient mode for the Amazon Fire TV QLED Omni Series

Ambient mode for Amazon Fire TV

Sometimes, bigger is better—users who’ve been listening to their favorites from the big screen on the Amazon Fire TV QLED Omni Series know that. With the all-new Ambient Experience, your Fire TV Omni QLED Series TV proactively shows helpful information throughout the day and provides hands-free access to your favorite music and Spotify recommendations. Beyond that, you can flick through albums, songs, and playlists using the remote control, or via Spotify Connect on your phone or tablet. Or you can switch between the two for a totally seamless experience.

DJ from your wrist with the new Spotify experience on Apple Watch

Spotify on Apple Watch

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new and improved listening experience for Spotify users on Apple Watch. This means you’ll be able to more easily browse and choose your favorite music and podcasts in Your Library, as well as more quickly download music to listen offline from the watch itself. There’s also a new sleek design with larger artwork, animations, and added functionality—like swiping to like a song. It’s also super easy to spot new episodes marked with a blue dot, so you’ll never miss fresh episodes from your favorite creators.

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Upgrade your travel with our new delta experience

Delta planes

Spotify and Delta are ready to make your next flight soar. We’ve had an existing partnership with Delta, but now we’re taking our relationship to new heights by putting our own spin on the boarding process: We’re curating the music that plays overhead as you find your seat. The playlist will update monthly to include Delta customers’ favorites, so even frequent flyers will experience a fresh music rotation.

Rock your shades with Spotify Tap on Ray-Ban Stories

Spotify Tap on RayBans stories

On the go? Then you know the drill: You turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, place it in your pocket, shove the buds in your ear, juggle your coffee to the other hand, and finally, reach back into your pocket to grab your phone again to open up your Spotify app and press play. We knew there had to be an easier way—and there is: Spotify Tap™.

For those who are already rocking a pair of Ray-Ban Stories, we recently added Spotify Tap™ for you to easily enjoy your favorite tunes without having to take out your phone. Simply tap and hold on the side of your glasses to play Spotify. And if you want to hear something different, tap and hold again and Spotify will recommend something new.

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