Spotify Island on Roblox Expands With New Destinations, Minigames (and Pets!)

It’s been one year since we unveiled Spotify Island on Roblox as an interactive meeting place to bring artists and fans from all over the world closer together. It’s now the ultimate way to create and share music on Roblox, as fans can play, explore, and connect through immersive Spotify Island hubs like Planet Hip-Hop and K-Park. And thanks to exciting new experiences we’re unveiling today, our otherworldly digital destination is in full bloom.

With new audio tools, minigames, and collectibles, we’re inviting fans to become creators, offering them fresh ways to bring their own beats and sounds to life. These include: 

  • Create with Spotify Soundsphere: Featuring whimsical interactive beatmakers, instruments, and equipment, Spotify Soundsphere is all about exploring and having fun. While visiting, players can create their own sounds and share them with friends.
  • Take control of the Dashboard: While visiting Spotify Island’s studio, players will be able to take the producer seat and create their own unique tracks by mixing a collection of sounds, loops, and one-shots exclusively from Soundtrap, a music-creation tool for beatmakers and songwriters.
  • Ride the Soundwaves: Players will be able to grab a board and ride the waves of their favorite songs, tracks, Soundtrap mixes, and artist releases, with the waves changing in size, color, and intensity depending on the music. We’ll also give players the opportunity to personalize their boards with custom stickers. Be on the lookout for some fun Easter eggs as you shred.
  • Adopt a virtual pet: We’re joining the fun with special music-themed pets for players to collect by completing various challenges around Spotify Island. A cross of animals and musical instruments, these pets include Zekeys, Seahorns, Tambos and more.

Our Pets experience is available starting today, while Spotify Soundsphere, the Dashboard, and Soundwaves will arrive over the next couple of months. All will live within our Spotify Island mainland, which is surrounded by the K-Park and Planet Hip-Hop hubs. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news and programming updates around Spotify Island on Roblox as we continue creating new ways for fans to connect with the artists they love on a deeper level.

Ready to set sail for Spotify Island? Visit our page on Roblox now to learn more, and soundtrack it all with our Spotify Island on Roblox playlist.