Share Your Biggest Mandopop Moments With ‘My Mandopop Memories’

Whether it’s an unforgettable first love or heartbreak, those adventurous road trips with friends, or planning for the dream wedding, millions of fans around the world turn to Mandopop to provide the ultimate soundtrack. 

Mandopop is especially popular in Asia, with Taiwan being home to legends of the genre like A-Lin, Cyndi Wang, and Jam Hsiao. But Mandopop is a sound that has truly gone global, and its popularity continues to grow in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Germany.

Generating more than 500 million monthly streams on Spotify, Mandopop has increased on the platform by nearly 45% in the last year alone. And as we celebrate 10 years of Spotify in Taiwan, we’re launching our “My Mandopop Memories” campaign as a way for artists and fans to express their love for the genre. 

“Mandopop captured the hearts of many through its poetic storytelling and relatable lyrics, soundtracking different moments of listeners’ lives,” said Kossy Ng, Spotify Head of Music, Asia. “We specially created My Mandopop Memories to deepen the connection between artists and fans and celebrate them as they continue to build their memories with Mandopop.”

At the heart of the campaign is Taiwan 10-Year Anniversary, a first-of-its-kind destination that gives fans an audio companion for their most meaningful moments and milestones. Consisting of 100 of the most-streamed Mandopop tracks on Spotify, these classic tracks are characterized by their melancholic sound and deep lyrical meaning.

Along with A-Lin, Cyndi Wang, and Jam Hsiao, Spotify partnered with popular Mandopop artists Eric Chou, LaLa Hsu, MC HotDog, Sodagreen, Waa Wei, WeiBird, and Yoga Lin to bring listeners on a journey with exclusive Spotify content. Fans who visit these artists’ Spotify profiles can find personal stories and song recommendations from the artists that are connected to important memories in their lives. 

While WeiBird and A-Lin highlighted “如果可以” and “給我一個理由忘記,” their respective hit songs that changed the trajectory of their music careers, Eric Chou revealed that “遇見” by Stefanie Sun made him fall in love with Mandopop and inspired him to learn to play the piano. Yoga Lin and LaLa Hsu offered fans an intimate glimpse into their lives, revealing the epiphanies brought about by A-Mei’s touching songs “說謊” and “我最親愛的.” 

“I’m excited for listeners to share their stories and feel the charm music has on our lives,” Jam Hsiao told For the Record.

Listeners on Spotify will also be able to show the world their own unique Mandopop moments and memories through the following interactive features: 

  • #十年全精選/My Mandopop Memories on social: Fans can pair their go-to songs with personal memories and share their life OSTs to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Spotify’s exclusive digital sticker pack: Fans can share their favorite Mandopop memories with special, city pop-style stickers (pictured above) on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Mandopop listening parties with family and friends: Listeners can bare their souls by singing out loud with Spotify Lyrics
  • Blend on Spotify: Are you surrounded by friends and family who love Mandopop? With Blend, you can combine your collective music tastes into a single playlist. 

Discover Mandopop’s most timeless hits with 十年全精選:華語流行.