Reggaetón Mexa, the Homegrown Genre Taking Over Mexico

Reggaetón music has already captivated listeners around the world, but in Mexico the genre reigns supreme. In fact, on Spotify, Mexico listens to reggaetón more than any other country and has evolved into its own identity, which we’ve dubbed “reggaetón Mexa,” or Mexican reggaetón.

Various influences create one unique sound

Reggaetón Mexa isn’t new—it’s been around for more than two decades. But this unique twist boasts influences from other regions, like the original sounds of reggaetón from Puerto Rico, dembow beats from the Dominican Republic, and electronic urban music from Panama. It also incorporates sounds born of the Mexican barrios, and sonidero culture, creating a blend of rhythms that reflect the pride of urban culture in Mexico City. 

“The streaming era has connected Mexican reggaetón with mass audiences. Today’s artists use local slang that originated in Mexico City’s barrios, or neighborhoods, which brings them closer and makes them more accessible,” explains Uriel Waizel, Lead Music Editor for Spotify Mexico. “In a celebration of the unique style and language of this movement, from Spotify, we decided to call it ‘reggaetón Mexa’ to refer to the genre in a much more local way.”

A wave of new artists, each making their mark

In the early 2000s, artists like Big Metra and La Dinastía ushered in the first wave of reggaetón Mexa, combining dembow with Mexican sonidero. This generation opened the door to a second wave with local acts like Pablito Mix, who introduced elements of cumbia to the style. 

The landscape has changed completely in the 2020s thanks to a new generation of artists who are closely connected with their fans. In the last five years, the consumption of reggaetón Mexa on Spotify has grown more than 1,100% in Mexico, with Gen Z listeners counting themselves among the genre’s biggest fans. According to Spotify data, 53% of the reggaetón Mexa’s listeners on the platform are younger than 24.

“In recent years there has been a renewed appreciation for the Mexican barrio, giving rise to a new generation of artists between 20 and 25 years old. These artists were born in the barrio and fans perceive them as accessible people,” says Uriel. “The sincerity and authenticity of local artists naturally connect with young people who are looking for a more authentic representation of their identity and culture in the reggaetón scene.” 

Today’s reggaetón Mexa heavy hitters

Mexican singer-songwriter Bellakath is one artist fans are flocking to. A pillar of the reggaetón Mexa scene, she’s part of the third wave of the genre in Mexico. Bellakath’s music, authenticity, and relationship with her fans have crowned her Mexico’s most-listened-to artist of reggaetón Mexa on Spotify. Her single “Gatita” is the genre’s most popular song of all time on our platform. Other popular artists include Uzielito Mix, Ghetto Kids, and Dani Flow. Up-and-comers include Yeri Mua, El Bogueto, El Malilla, Profeta Yao Yao, Alu Mix, DJ Rockwel Mx, and Alnz G.

Below, you can track more data on the genre and its top artists.

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