Spotify and Substack Partner To Bring Even More Podcasts to Listeners

At Spotify, we always want to deliver more value for podcast creators and their fans. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new integration with Substack. Beginning today, Substack podcast creators globally can distribute their free and gated content to Spotify for the first time, and fans worldwide can listen to top Substack podcasts where they’re already listening to their favorite audio content. 

Substack joins a growing list of publishers and platforms offering subscriber-based content powered by Spotify Open Access, including Bankless, Dateline NBC, The Economist, Freakonomics Radio, Patreon, Supercast, Supporting Cast, The Wall Street Journal, and more. For podcast creators, the Spotify Open Access API brings an expanded opportunity to offer premium audio subscriptions to Spotify’s 602 million monthly active users.

“Spotify Open Access enables creators to grow their businesses while maintaining full control of their subscriber relationships. Our new integration with Substack empowers their creators to reach new and existing audiences where they listen most while giving Spotify listeners access to some of the world’s foremost content,” said Stephanie Shaer, Head of Partner Strategy and BD at Spotify.

With this new integration, premium podcast episodes from Substack shows like Rich Text, Split Zone Duo, and Culture Study are now available on Spotify for the first time. Emma Gray, cohost of Rich Text, a Substack podcast and newsletter about culture and entertainment, said, “We are truly so excited for our incredible community to be able to access the full breadth of our podcast offerings right on Spotify.”

“Just about everything I listen to, I listen to on Spotify,” said Alex Kirshner of Split Zone Duo, a college football podcast and newsletter on Substack. “I know I’m one of many. We’re very excited to be able to reach people on a ubiquitous platform and provide an ideal experience for our most important customers: our subscribers.”

Culture Study host Anne Helen Petersen shared, “I love feeling like we’re able to give supporters of the show a little (or a big!) treat with our subscriber content, which will now be even easier right on Spotify.”

With just a few clicks, podcast creators on Substack can add Spotify distribution to their podcasts to grow their audiences while retaining full control over their subscriber bases, their content, and their revenue. Once a creator enables distribution to Spotify from Substack, listeners can link their Substack and Spotify accounts or become subscribers through Substack to unlock access. 

Whether through Substack or any of our integrated membership platforms, if you subscribe to a podcaster’s paid show, we encourage you to connect your accounts to enjoy your favorite paid shows on Spotify.