Six Artists, Six Distinct Sounds: Meet the RADAR Poland Class of 2024

As Spotify’s program to spotlight rising talent from around the world, RADAR supports emerging artists on their journeys to global stardom. Since its launch in 2020, RADAR has featured more than 20 up-and-coming Polish artists. From Jann to Zalia, Julia Pośnik to TYNSKY, stickxr to bambi, many of these entertainers have leveraged RADAR to boost their profiles and connect with new fans near and far.

Now we’re launching our fifth edition of RADAR Poland, featuring Daniel Godson, Jea Mira, Livka, Lotta, MAJA, and Zaleś. Blending multiple styles and genres into their own unique sounds, these six artists are putting their stamp on Poland’s diverse music landscape. As part of the program, all will be included on Spotify’s dedicated RADAR Polska playlist while also receiving additional playlist support and off-platform promotion. And while many of these artists are also songwriters, this year, for the first time, we’re also welcoming an artist who has built a career writing for others.

“The highly anticipated moment when we announce the yearly group of RADAR Poland artists is here, and we’re excited to introduce a group of diverse artists that have really embraced their own individualities,” said Mateusz Smółka, Music Team Lead at Spotify. “We’re delighted to continue to support emerging Polish artists in a crucial stage in their careers and enable them to reach a wider audience through our dedicated tools and playlists on and off platform.”

Keep reading to get to know these rising stars.

Daniel Godson

Photo credit: Adam Byra

Passionate about music since childhood, Daniel Godson went on to attend music school and sing in a church choir. The young artist’s warm voice lends an ethereal quality to his music, which blends pop, indie, soul, and R&B. He has released a slew of singles since 2022, with “Safe Zone” and “Czuję, więc jestem?” racking up the most streams on Spotify.

Jea Mira

Photo credit: Adam Byra

Born in Poland and based in London, Jea Mira has spent recent years honing her powerful, velvety voice and refining her sound on tracks like “Mine” and “Best I’ve Never Had.” Her indie-pop style exudes charm and character, with artists like Lorde, Rihanna, and Fleetwood Mac cited as inspirations.


Photo credit: Adam Byra

After Livka garnered buzz on social media with her covers of hit songs, fans quickly recognized her talent, falling in love with her sensitivity and sense of humor. A self-proclaimed Phoebe Bridgers enthusiast, Livka is known for her deeply emotional lyrics. She has released a handful of tracks since 2022, with her most popular, “bezdech,” approaching half a million streams on Spotify.


Photo credit: Adam Byra

Karolina Pielesiak rose to fame as one half of Szparagi before launching her solo career in 2023 under the stage name Lotta. As it leans heavily into hyperpop, her music is a unique blend of experimental tones and dark humor, as evidenced by tracks like “nowa żona” and “oszukał mnie disney.”


Photo credit: Adam Byra

Maja Janowska, known by her stage name MAJA, is a vocalist and social media influencer with a Gen Z following. Her 2023 debut single, “Klub złamanych serc,” is a guitar-driven, sentimental ballad that boasts nearly 640,000 streams on Spotify.


Photo credit: Adam Byra

Zaleś is a singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from several art mediums, including painting. He embraces a genreless sound that combines guitar pop, electronic, alternative, and rap. His 2023 debut album, Obrazy Uczuć, includes his top-streamed tracks on Spotify: “Interpretacje” and “Spadam.”

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