Peso Pluma’s New Album Reveals ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’

Peso Pluma—aka “La Doble P”—is one of the fastest-growing Latin artists in Spotify’s history and the first to go from 2 million monthly listeners to 50 million in under a year. As Música Mexicana’s popularity continues to soar, the singer, rapper, and songwriter is leading the way with more than 14 billion streams on Spotify . . . and counting.

Peso’s 2023 album, GÉNESIS, was the most-streamed album in Mexico and ninth-most-streamed worldwide on Spotify last year. And his new album, ÉXODO—featuring collaborations with the likes of Junior H, Eslabon Armado, DJ Snake, Cardi B, Arcángel, Rich The Kid, and Anitta—is poised to follow suit.

For the Record caught up with Peso to talk about the new album, growing as an artist, and bringing Musica Mexicana to more listeners.

Your new album, ÉXODO, has just been released. How is it different from GÉNESIS?

You’ll get to see a whole different side of me on ÉXODO. It was made in many stages and phases of my life and career. It’s all in there, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s a really raw side of me.

You’re officially the Mexican artist with the most Spotify streams ever. How does that make you feel?  

Wow—what an honor! It feels amazing! Spotify has supported my project from day one and put their faith in what we were doing. We are all so grateful that this project has been so well received, and this motivates me even more to keep going, keep breaking records and finding ways to evolve my music, because my fans deserve the best.

How has working with Spotify helped you build a stronger connection with your fans?

Because Spotify is global, we have the opportunity to get discovered around the globe as well. Música Mexicana is now known in places where we never thought they would listen to us.

What advice do you have for other artists who are building their careers?

Never give up, don’t let people detour you from your dreams, and keep working until you achieve your goals.

Check out Peso Pluma’s new album, ÉXODO, for yourself