Weekly Quiz 5.14

Think you're up-to-date on the latest in Spotify news, data, and trends? Take our quiz to test just how well you’ve been following along.

1. The show’s theme song, “I’ll Be There for You,” has amassed more than 137 million streams on Spotify. Who sings this tune?
2. Over the past week, as fans geared up for the reunion, the official Friends playlist saw this percentage increase in streams:
3. This week, we announced our most recent exploration: a virtual concert experience. Which of the following statements about the upcoming shows are true?
4. Later in the year, Storytel subscribers will be able to enjoy Storytel’s library of audiobooks on Spotify by…
5. Popular German podcast Talk-O-Mat, which features an AI robot, is being adapted for a U.S. audience. What is the name of the new English-language podcast?
6. Mansión Reggaetón, Spotify’s flagship reggaetón playlist, is a one-stop destination for the most-talked-about artists of the genre. According to Spotify data, what country streams the most reggaetón?