Spotify Premium Is Sweeter Than Ever With Our Newest Limited-Time Offer

Ready to take your listening to a whole new level? Spotify Premium has you covered. Premium users can enjoy ad-free, on-demand music for more than 50 million tracks, as well as access to our 1 million podcast titles. It’s a sweet deal, and it gets even sweeter: Beginning today, Spotify Premium is offering three months free across all plans to eligible first-time users, and three months for $9.99 (or local market equivalent) for eligible users who have cancelled and want to return. Now that’s a cherry on top.

Let’s break it down.

New users can get three months free

If you’ve been using Spotify Free, you already know some of the great podcasts and music Spotify has to offer. (And if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present.) Now imagine those same songs, albums, and music playlists on-demand and without ads. (Plus, unlimited skips and offline listening!) Spotify’s three-months-free offer is for eligible Spotify Free and first-time users across all Premium plans.

That means that if you’re just getting started with an Individual Premium account, you’re in for a treat. But you can also rack up the study playlists with a Student account, sign up for Duo with your significant other in the same household, or create an audio experience for the entire household with Family—one that includes Spotify Kids—as long as you’re in a market where these offers are available.

Returning users can get three months for $9.99

If you canceled your Individual Premium plan for one reason or another, no worries. You have another opportunity to get back to the audio content you love, with three months of Spotify Premium for just $9.99. That means paying less than $4 per month for the most popular audio streaming subscription service. This offer is available for individual Premium plan subscribers who cancelled their Premium plans on or before April 14, 2020. 

Signing up for either offer is easy. Users in all markets except Japan* can visit today through June 30, 2020, to get on that Premium listening grind.

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*Japanese users stay tuned—offer coming soon!