Daily Sports: A New Mixed-Media Playlist Fans of Any Team Can Root For

To the excitement of sports fans, many major athletic leagues are anticipating returning for their seasons this month—meaning a renewed lineup of athletic content and news. So to help fans keep up with all these games, Spotify is throwing the first pitch for Daily Sports, a new playlist designed to entertain listeners with a mix of quick sports commentary and personalities alongside familiar personalized music recommendations.

Daily Sports joins our two other mixed-media playlists, Your Daily Drive and Daily Wellness, to provide you with great audio content at any point in your day. With the addition of Daily Sports, fans will only need to head to one place to keep up with the latest sports news, commentary, and personalities while also enjoying their favorite tracks. Our dedicated team of experts curate the MVP of sports podcasts and shows, and our unique algorithms create a personalized mix of music to get you in the mood.

Stay up to date on the latest games, trades, and news with the very best of sports commentary with curated (and in some cases, exclusive) content from The Ringer, including audio intros from the one and only Bill Simmons. Other highlights include segments from Sports News Minute with Larry Brown, ESPN Daily, The Lead, and more—all in one place. Plus, Daily Sports updates every single day with fresh takes and music just for you. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into your routine and provide you with the best way to not only get up to speed, but to stay in the know on all things sports—especially as all major sports play during the same season. 

Daily Sports is available to both Free and Premium users in the U.S. Fans of any team or league can catch it on your Made For You hub or the Sports hub on mobile and desktop today.