Nine Filipino Fan Favorite Podcasts Join Spotify

From comedy to relationships to career advice, there’s something for everyone with the latest addition of nine Filipino podcasts now available exclusively on Spotify.

Hosted by local creators and covering a wide range of genres, many of these shows are already regulars on the Spotify Philippines Podcasts chart. In fact, audio listening overall is a huge part of the everyday lives of Filipinos. According to a recent survey that Spotify undertook with YouGov* in the Philippines, 85% of respondents tune into some type of music or podcast content throughout the day.

Get to know the nine shows, including Adulting with Joyce Pring and Sleeping Pill with Inka, below.

Sleeping Pill with Inka

Sleeping Pill with Inka, voiced by Inka Magnaye, is an ASMR-friendly audio show that takes listeners through soothing readings of books and poems with the goal of easing anxieties and helping people fall asleep. This new type of “lullaby” will have listeners drifting on to sleep in no time.

Adulting with Joyce Pring

In Adulting with Joyce Pring, the popular Filipino television personality and host, shares tips and advice on being a 20-something-year-old. She discusses a variety of topics, from mental health and love to relationships and other life learnings.

Wake Up with Jim and Saab 

Wake Up with Jim and Saab is hosted by celebrity couple Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona-Bacarro. The musicians talk about their adventures in marriage and experience as new parents. Their conversations cover life musings, culture, music, and everything in between.

The KoolPals

The KoolPals is a comedy podcast hosted by GB Labrador, James Caraan, and Nonong Ballinan, who engage in lighthearted discussions about various pop culture topics of the moment.

Boiling Waters PH

Boiling Waters PH is a relationship-focused podcast that covers any and everything about the dating and love world—from courtship and romance to memes and humor, nothing is off-limits in this series.

The Eve’s Drop

The Eve’s Drop is hosted by Delamar Arias, Francesca Tobias, and Gelli Victor, a trio of ladies who are known for their brutal honesty when it comes to love, life, and sex.

Ask Say 

Ask Say is hosted by Say Tioco, an influencer and body positivity advocate who shares everything life has taught her about women’s health and sexuality. Her episodes explore themes of love, relationships, career, and traveling.

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast 

The Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast (which translates to The Nonsense Podcast in English) features conversations between popular filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone and spoken-word artist Juan Miguel Severo. The two engage in chats that are sometimes humorous and sometimes heartbreaking—but they are always honest.

Walwal Sesh

Walwal Sesh is hosted by Doc Gia, Sir Renz, and Vino. It highlights conversations about love, heartbreak, mental health, equality, and sex.

*Based on a Spotify study conducted online by YouGov Singapore Pte. Ltd. among 1,101 respondents in the Philippines in July 2020. The figures have been weighed and are representative of all Filipino adults (aged 18+).