Spotify News Debuts a New Look—and Launches on Instagram

Our @SpotifyNews followers are the most tuned-in audio lovers. They are curious and connected, and they stay on top of trends.

Our social channels not only allow us to share our news, but also interact with the artists, musicians, podcasters, creators, and employees who we tell stories about. And just as importantly, they let our followers do the same.

Now we’re excited to share that we’ve given @SpotifyNews Twitter a makeover to complement our newest channel: @SpotifyNews Instagram.

That’s right! You can now follow @SpotifyNews on Instagram for one more way to get a behind-the-scenes look at all things Spotify.

This addition and refresh are the latest in a series of updates for our Owned Channels. Late last year, we unveiled For the Record’s new experience, making it easier for readers to find the stories they’re curious about, as well as our company news podcasts and resources from across the company. Speaking of our company news podcasts, we also expanded Spotify: For the Record from one company podcast to three: Spotify: For the Record, Spotify: Mic Check, and Spotify: Discover This. Our aim is to give our readers–and listeners–even more from Spotify.

Our social channels continue to turn the volume up on all things Spotify, from company news and exclusives to stories about creators, tech, and culture. Whether on Twitter or Instagram, @SpotifyNews will continue to take you behind the scenes of sound.

Tune in for points of view from the creators, voices, and trends that are shaping Spotify and the audio industry from the ground up.

By the way, @SpotifyNews Twitter isn’t the only channel that’s recently gotten a new look. Make sure to subscribe to our newly redesigned For the Record newsletter for frequent updates and news, delivered straight to your inbox.