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Spotify and easyJet Are Helping You Listen & Book Your Next Trip

Travel and music are best mates. In addition to a solid playlist’s making a flight fly by, they both expand the mind and encourage people to try new experiences. And now Spotify Advertising and easyJet, a leading European airline, have teamed up to help those experiencing wanderlust (but feeling a little wander-lost) find their next travel destination. With the new Listen & Book tool, listeners can find suggestions for their next Euro-vacation inspiration based specifically on the music they listen to.  

Are your playlists packed with calm and dreamy tunes? Then maybe seeing the northern lights in Iceland or strolling through the botanical gardens in Lisbon is what you need. Or if your music taste tends toward the wild and rebellious, perhaps volcano skiing in Sicily or dancing the night away in Barcelona will excite you. Through this site, you’ll also get info on local concert venues so you can experience the music scene while you’re in town. 

For the Record chatted with easyJet pilot Alexis Luneau to get a true jet-setter’s perspective when it comes to music and travel.

Is there a type of music that’s best to listen to while you travel? 

I would say it really depends on the context. If I catch an early morning flight, I might enjoy a chill and relaxing playlist to get my mood rightly set for taking off into the travel day. But if the mood has already been set to a nice and friendly ambiance—when traveling with a group, for instance—I’m keen to find a playlist that will bring up good memories for everyone, as we are about to create some new ones.

When gearing up for a trip, do you like to make your own playlists, or do you listen to existing Spotify playlists?

I actually do both! I love to create my own, but I have to admit that they are usually inspired from existing Spotify playlists or from what I hear on the radio. If I like the vibe of the song, there it goes, straight into my playlist!

After a long travel day, what type of music helps revive and reenergize your mood?

My personal mood boosters are the hits of the moment! I usually don’t need much more to get started and ready for new adventures.

If someone finds flying stressful, what music might be best for listening to so they can relax? 

I found a great playlist on Spotify called Electro Chill. I love to listen to it when I need to relax and cool down, and I’m sure it can be a fantastic remedy for someone who finds flying stressful! However, the best way to beat that is still to get a window seat and enjoy the view, taking advantage of the few hours of absence from the earth’s surface and remembering how lucky we are to be in the sky.

What are some songs that are keeping you soaring this summer?

If I have to sum up my summer in three songs, I would say:

As a pilot, you get the chance to visit so many countries, all of which have their own versatile music styles. Which country (or countries) stand out to you when it comes to music?

I love heading to Sweden, as I have been a fan of ABBA since my childhood.  

Landing in England, specifically London, is a great reminder of the variety of concerts and musicals that that amazing city offers.

Finally, it’s hard not to think about the good times the festivalgoers are having at Tomorrowland when I fly over Belgium in July.

Spotify and easyJet’s new Listen & Book website helps inspire people by suggesting cities based on their musical tastes. What were your results?

My results were Palma De Mallorca, Milano, and Copenhagen. I was surprised at how accurate they are with matching my personality and taste to travel destinations!

Where’s somewhere you haven’t gone yet but would love to experience?

Costa Rica is definitely on my bucket list! The mix of Caribbean versus Pacific ambiance with a touch of Central American vibe is something I am looking forward to discovering—hopefully on my next trip.


Are you feeling that wanderlust yet? Visit the Listen & Book tool for yourself to get inspiration for your next journey.