Read Spotify’s Joint Letter with European Companies Calling for Meaningful Regulatory Action Against Apple

Apple’s anti-competitive behavior harms hard-working consumers and developers—and the longer we wait, the harder it will become to stop them. Today, Spotify and seven other companies and organizations in sectors including publishing, audio streaming, dating, communications, and marketplaces sent a joint letter to call for meaningful regulatory action against Apple’s long-standing anti-competitive practices in Europe. 

Almost four years ago, Spotify filed a formal antitrust complaint with the European Commission because Apple’s anti-competitive behavior was stifling innovation and harming developers and consumers across Europe and around the world. Since then, little has changed. Apple has been enabled by the lack of decisive action by regulators, who continue to move hesitantly, even in the face of a groundswell of support. 

The clock is ticking. It’s time for regulators to address the ever-growing chorus of complaints against Apple, a critical step in stopping Apple’s continued abuses of its powerful platform. 

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