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Spotify’s Journey to 200 Million Subscribers

This week, as part of Spotify’s quarterly earnings announcement, we shared that we have officially surpassed 200 million subscribers. These fans are the heart of Spotify, and look to us to discover new music and podcasts, stay attuned to culture, and connect with their favorite creators. 

Also thanks to our subscribers, we’re able to: 

  • Innovate: We invest back into the product, rewarding subscriber loyalty with the very best user experience through features like Blend, Discover Weekly and Wrapped.
  • Expand: We’ve grown with our users, offering life stage and market-tailored plans like Family, Student and Spotify Mini. 
  • Scale: We’re now live in over 180 markets, creating a truly global community united by audio.
  • Support: We’ve paid music rights holders, including record labels, publishers, distributors (and more) $30 billion since our founding.* We’re also using our platform and marketing to amplify and support artists, with programs like Frequency, Radar, EQUAL, and the recently launched GLOW.  (*As of December 2021)

Take a look back at a few of the milestones in a journey that began at our 2008 launch.