a black and white photo of Alix Earle smiling at the camera

‘Get Ready With’ Social Media Star Alix Earle’s New Spotify Playlist

If you’re plugged into social media, chances are you’ve come across Alix Earle. The 22-year-old University of Miami student has become famous, in part, thanks to her “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) videos. In these clips, Alix shares candid slices of her life as she prepares for an event, a dinner, or just a day of college classes. 

The frank way she shares her stories makes her viewers feel like a close friend who is hearing the latest scoop. Fans may not have been able to travel to LA with Alix, but they can watch as she swipes on her mascara and recounts the fun, crazy experiences she had while there.

Now Spotify is collaborating with the undisputed queen of GRWM content to create the ultimate GRWM playlist. From mid-2000s hip-hop to girl-power anthems, the list of tracks is a perfect companion as you get ready for a night out with friends. For the Record had a chance to talk to Alix about her videos, the playlist, and the music that soundtracked different moments in her life.

How important is playing the right music when you’re getting ready for an event or a night out?

Music is so important. My roommates and I have a speaker connected throughout the house. When we play music, it just sets the vibe for whatever we’re doing—especially when we’re going out. Putting on music that makes you feel good. That’s my favorite type of music to listen to when I’m going out.

How did you approach picking the songs on the GRWM playlist you made on Spotify?

There are a lot of old, 2000s throwbacks like Rihanna. Songs that are gonna get you super excited. And there are songs that bring me back to my childhood when I was with my mom listening to these songs, sitting in the back of the car getting hyped with her.

Whose songs or artists remind you of getting ready for middle school?

I loved the Black Eyed Peas and Fergie. That’s what we were into in middle school.

What song or artist reminds you of getting ready for your first date?

Taylor Swift. If this date goes wrong, I know she will steer me in the right direction. I can come back and, like, feel with Taylor.

Can you share a destination where you like to go and what songs get you hyped for the trip?

Probably driving down to the Keys with my friends in Florida. It’s always a fun time—especially the road trip. That’s the time you’re listening to R&B and Frank Ocean. That vibe of music is really fun for those long, beautiful, scenic car rides.

To get through a sad or stressful time, what would you have listened to?

There’s this song called “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” by Paloma Faith. I found it and played it on repeat for like two hours in my bed, and was just crying.

Are there any podcasts you listen to while you’re getting ready or hanging out?

I listen to Call Her Daddy a lot when I’m not listening to music. And I also like to listen to the Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain podcast.

Why do you think people are so attracted to your “Get Ready With Me” style of content?

I think it’s just very authentic to me. I’m talking a lot about what I do, and I think it’s exciting. It’s also a certain style of video where it’s very stop and go in the cutting and editing; people don’t have a long attention span nowadays. And I think having a personality in a video adds a lot more than just using a sound from TikTok.


Now that you’ve gotten to know Alix, it’s time to get ready with her playlist below.