Content Creator Sebastien Andrade Reveals How You Can Get Three Free Months of Spotify Premium

With more than 10 million followers on TikTok and many more across platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Sebastien Andrade is part of an exciting new wave of social media content creators who are making their mark. Based in Miami, the recent Florida International University grad has been a lifelong music lover, especially when it comes to Afrobeats and reggaeton. That’s why Spotify teamed up with him to help share our Holiday 2023 Premium Offer with his fans—and all eligible listeners. 

From November 27 through December 31, eligible Spotify Free and first-time Spotify listeners who sign up for our Individual Premium plan will get three months for free. And for those missing their Individual Premium plan who canceled before Oct 27, Spotify is offering three months of the Individual Premium plan for just $10.99—less than $4 a month.

As a premium user, Sebastien loves being able to listen to playlists like Afro Hits and Baila Reggaeton on demand, ad-free, and with unlimited skips, and has been especially excited about recent new features like DJ and daylist—and he’s been telling the world about the perks of going Premium. For the Record wanted to know more about the artists, songs, and playlists Sebastien loves the most, so we sat down with him to find out.

Who are some of your favorite Afrobeats and reggaeton artists?

In terms of Afrobeats, there’s a lot of Wizkid on my playlist for sure. “Fever” is one of my favorite songs and it had to be on there. Same with his song “Ghetto Love.”

Burna Boy is also on there, as well as Rema and Ayra Starr, who are on the come-up. I really like them. And when it comes to reggaeton, I’ve been listening to a lot of Bad Gyal, Young Miko, Sech, Karol G, and Emilia

How about top Spotify playlists for those genres?

Usually I listen to my own playlists, but if I want to find some new songs, there’s one called Afro Hits that I’m into. There’s also one called Baila Reggaeton where I always discover new songs that I like.

Do you have a go-to Spotify feature for discovering music?

When you’re making playlists, there’s a feature at the bottom that suggests more songs with a similar vibe to add. It’s kind of like Smart Shuffle, but for making playlists.

It will recommend songs that I forgot about, and it’s great to just have it pop up there as a reminder.

Do you have any favorite Premium features?

I was using DJ last night and the songs X was choosing took me back to being in the car with my mom when I was a kid. It played this old Drake song that I forgot about called “Signs” and I was like, that’s crazy. 

I like that X will jump in and be like, “Here’s what’s coming up next,” and then explain why DJ picked those songs. I also like how it switches up the vibe every so often. I can keep listening for hours.

I was also using daylist recently and it created this playlist for me that was called something like “Island Time Vacation.” I actually discovered another Wizkid song called “Anoti” that ended up on my playlist.

When you’re driving through Miami, what are three songs that perfectly set the vibe? 

When I’m in my car, I always see people on their boats, and I like to imagine I’m on a boat too. So in those moments, I’ll obviously put on Wizkid’s “Fever.” But I’ll also queue up Sech’s “911” and Cris MJ’s Una Noche en Medellín.” That last song is about the Colombian city, but it still has a big Miami vibe.

Don’t forget to give yourself the gift of ad-free music listening with our three-month free Premium offer. Just go to And after you do that, check out our Afro Hits playlists to discover all the Afrobeats icons Sebastien can’t stop listening to.