Discovery Monday

Content Creator Irfan Junejo Shares His Favorite Restaurants, Artists, and Spotify Playlists

We love helping listeners discover new music on Spotify, and when it comes to features that help them find their next favorite song or artist, personalization tops the list. With Spotify playlists like Discover Weekly and daylist, playlist-enhancing features like Smart Shuffle and Jam, and curated, AI-powered experiences like DJ, nearly 2 billion music discoveries happen on Spotify daily.

But it’s not just fans who love discovery. Creators around the world are constantly sharing their favorite playlists, products, and people with their followers, which in turn helps their fans fall in love with the next best thing. And in For the Record’s ongoing Discovery Monday series, we connect with content creators and pick their brains about recent finds, whether it’s new music, podcasts, TV, food, beauty, technology, or fashion.

This month, we’re talking to Irfan Junejo, a Pakistani content creator who made his name exploring his hometown of Karachi. As his popularity has grown, he’s turned his attention to the world at large, where his curiosity about food, music, and cars leads him on a seemingly endless series of adventures for millions of fans to enjoy. 

What have you been up to lately? What new discoveries are you enjoying right now?

Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with short-form content and having a lot of fun. I’ve also discovered a lot of new food places in Karachi that have now become a regular part of my life. For example, there’s a Chinese restaurant in Karachi called Wang Wang that I find myself going to again and again. Although that may be because my wife likes it more than me. 

But creating videos definitely helped me discover my passion for telling stories. And not just stories about my life, but the world around me. It could be something cool around Karachi, interesting street food, or the latest smartphone.

When you’re on the hunt for something new, what resources do you use? 

I love finding new things through word of mouth, especially from my journalist friends. Otherwise, a simple Google search is where I like to start when I’m curious about something.

Do you have a favorite video that you’ve made?

I’m especially proud of my latest video, Stories of Karachi Volume 3. This entire series holds a special place in my heart because these are the places where I have grown up. Being born and raised in Karachi, I have a deep connection to this city and my love for it resonates in every aspect of this video. Exploring the stories behind the names of Karachi’s neighborhoods has been a fascinating journey, and I was able to delve into the historical narratives, colonial influences, and events associated with these locations. I believe there’s a sense of representation in showcasing areas like Golimaar, Saddar, and Burns Road. 

You have a huge social media following—do you ever discover new things through these fans?

I get so many recommendations for new food and music when fans DM me or tag me in their stories.

What’s your favorite way to discover new music on Spotify?

Discover Weekly is a must for me, as well as Release Radar. I recently discovered a Dehli rapper named yungsta, and I’ve had his songs on repeat. 

Our Niche Mixes playlists can really help you discover your new favorite artist or song. What sort of music do you find in your Niche Mixes?

I listen to a lot of desi hip-hop so my Niche Mixes have a lot of desi rappers. But there are many indie artists that pop up there as well.

Tag along with Irfan as he discovers the world around him on his YouTube channel.