USC Basketball Star Juju Watkins on Fashion, Film, Friendship Bracelets, and More

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When creators share playlists, products, and personalities, they open up whole new worlds for their fans and followers. That’s why For the Record’s ongoing Discovery Monday series connects with content creators about their recent finds, whether it’s new music, podcasts, TV, food, beauty, technology, or fashion.

This month, we’re talking to college basketball star Juju Watkins. Just a freshman at the University of Southern California, Juju is already one of the most talented and high-profile players in the country. The guard has been in the public spotlight since she was a top-rated high school recruit and has attracted a massive social media following along the way. This level of popularity has turned Juju’s home games into one of LA’s hottest tickets, and it’s not uncommon to see multiple celebs in attendance on any given night. While Juju is expected to jump to the pros after college, she’s also an aspiring entrepreneur whose interests include fashion and travel.

For the Record sat down with Juju to chat about her experience as a college athlete, her life off the court, and her favorite songs, artists, and playlists on Spotify.

What new things have you discovered that you’re enjoying right now?

Lately, I’ve been fully immersed in basketball and the season. I have focused on giving my all to the game and supporting my team.

You’ve built a huge following on Instagram and count many pro athletes and musicians as fans. Are there any memorable moments you’ve had with them?

It’s been cool connecting with other pro athletes and with musicians. I’ve received friendship bracelets—it’s a small gesture, but memorable. 

What’s been the biggest difference between high school and college on or off the court? 

Managing my time and energy effectively has been crucial in transitioning from high school to college and balancing class and basketball. On the court, the biggest difference lies in the heightened level of experience, basketball IQ, and physicality. It has taught me the importance of continuous growth and adapting to new challenges.

When you’re not playing ball, what are your other pursuits?

I enjoy indulging in a few hobbies. Fashion is one of my passions, so I like shopping and expanding my style. I also like to watch movies, whether catching a film at the theater or watching one at home. Movies are a great way for me to unwind and relax off the court.

Who’s a recently discovered artist or what’s a new genre that you’ve been listening to? 

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Ambré, but I enjoy exploring different genres, so I’m always open to discovering new artists.

What do you like to listen to when you’re working out or before a game?

I love to listen to Brent Faiyaz and Mali Nicole—who also happens to be my sister—for that extra motivation and personal connection to the music.

On Spotify, there are so many ways to discover—through playlists like Discover Weekly, features like our AI DJ, or tools like Smart Shuffle. Do you have a favorite?

The Smart Shuffle feature on Spotify is neat. I love New Music Fridays to stay updated on the latest drops, and artist radios are excellent ways to stumble upon unexpected gems.

Our specialty playlists like Niche Mixes and daylist help you discover based on your listening preferences. Which appeals to your specific music taste?

I’m into playlists like Lowkey and DND, but my absolute favorite is JuJu Watkins Taste—I curated it myself, so you should take a listen!

Keep up with Juju on and off the court by following her on Instagram.