Meet the New Generation of Colombian Urban Artists Making Waves

In recent years, reggaeton has become practically synonymous with Colombia. The country has infused its own sounds and a unique flow into the genre, establishing itself as a hub for reggaeton’s global expansion. Colombian urban artists like J Balvin, Maluma, KAROL G, and Feid have become international stars, helping drive the popularity of Colombian reggaeton around the world. According to Spotify data, beyond its home turf, the genre is most consumed in Mexico, the U.S., Spain, Chile, and Argentina.

Today, more than 350 million user-generated playlists globally on Spotify include at least one song by a Colombian reggaeton artist. The success of the genre has paved the way for emerging talent to embrace these rhythms and start building a new legacy, broadening the spectrum of urban music, experimenting with new sounds, and gaining recognition as the next wave of Colombian artists to watch.

These rising stars plan to follow in the footsteps of the genre’s greatest artists, topping charts around the world. Here are five Colombian artists from the new generation who should be on your radar.

Juan Duque

Born in Marinilla, Antioquia, Juan Duque launched his music career in 2018 and has been steadily raising his profile ever since. On Spotify, the artist has seen a 245% increase in worldwide streams in the last 12 months, having amassed his largest audiences in Colombia, Mexico, the U.S., Spain, and Peru.

His top song on the platform is Maria with 17.9 million streams, followed by Juan Duque Hotline: Cobuz & Bustta (10.3 million), + Chimbita (5.9 million), and Maria – Remix” featuring reggaeton star Ryan Castro (5.1 million).


Currently sitting at 4.4 million monthly Spotify listeners, Pirlo is one of the members of the “Cali Cartel,” a collective of urban artists from Cali, one of Colombia’s most important cities. In the last year, the artist’s song streams on Spotify have increased by 657% worldwide and 543% in Colombia, where he has his largest audience, followed by the U.S., Mexico, Spain, and Chile.

He has also teamed up with artists like Feid and Blessd, further boosting his reach. “CUAL ES ESA,” a collaboration with Feid, is Pirlo’s top song with 62.4 million streams, followed by “Ziploc (Blessd Version)” with the Paisa artist Blessd, which has racked up 33.8 million streams.

El Clooy

Carlos Alberto Valoyes Rentería, known by his stage name, El Clooy, is a young, versatile urban artist from Antioquia. Growing up, he was influenced by genres like R&B and hip-hop, as well as artists like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, though he cites Puerto Rican artist Arcángel as his biggest inspiration.

On Spotify, El Clooy currently has over 366,000 monthly listeners. He has seen a nearly 20% increase in streams in Colombia in the last year, with his top song Ganas surpassing 8.7 million streams.

Esteban Rojas

Also known as “La Nue,” Esteban Rojas is another member of the “Cali Cartel.” As a performer-improviser-rapper-singer with over 1.8 million monthly Spotify listeners, the Cali native has emerged as an artist to watch. 

The artist’s song streams on Spotify have increased by an impressive 2,400% worldwide and 2,246% in Colombia. His top song is Todos Mienten,” a collaboration with Soley that has racked up 12.6 million streams, followed by Bulevar” with 10.8 million streams.


Soley is a singer-songwriter whose vocal versatility and discipline have earned her recognition across various genres, with songs like 3:33 and Respira racking up 4.2 million and 1.4 million streams, respectively.

Born in Armenia, the young Colombian artist currently has over 427,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and she was one of the openers for Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito Fest in Medellín last December. Her audience is largely based in Colombia, Spain, the U.S., Mexico, and Peru.

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