Liner Notes: Innovation

What INNOVATION Looks Like Across Spotify

We’re hungry to keep doing what we’re doing—only better. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, we’re committed to collaboration and the ever-underlying pursuit of creativity. Take a look behind the scenes at the different ways we work to turn our ideas into reality.

Distributed-First Contributes to Spotify’s Strength

Even before social distancing measures introduced in 2020 relegated employees to home workspaces and virtual meetings, Spotify was a place with an appreciation for the intricacies of hybrid meetings. The events of 2020 and employee feedback spurred us to accelerate our timeline and start transitioning to a distributed-first organization. Fast forward to now to see how it’s working.

Social Sharing: A Conversation

Social sharing is ever popular among our users. Whether it’s an album drop, a podcast episode, or their Wrapped data stories, Spotify fans are eager to share and explore their favorites with friends and family. We’re empowering fans and artists to express themselves through Spotify.

Hack Week Dispatches

A Green Tour Planner for Artists

Meredith Humphrey worked with a team to create a tour CO2 calculator, an idea that could help musicians and podcasters going on tour calculate the environmental footprint of their travels.

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Going “Green” With Spotify IT

Stockholm-based product designer Mauricio Portilla explored ways of updating the company’s Green IT processes, asking questions informed by his background in design thinking.

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A Climate Footprint Calculator for Listeners

An international team of employees set to work on a project involving Spotify’s platform, a carbon calculator, and the potential to merge the two.

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Connecting Hack Week & Everyday Work

Serah Rono collaborated to improve “Spotify for Developers” by working towards greater energy efficiency.

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I was wondering whether bands know their own footprint and if they’re trying to reduce it. Then I wondered how Spotify could help them get that data. I want creators to feel empowered, know their data, and be able to take action. .innovation-wrapper .sections .section.grid .quote .meta cite { color: #000; }
Meredith Humphrey

Open Source Meets Basic Pitch

We talked to Rachel Bitner about Open Source and how we use it at Spotify via projects like Basic Pitch that align with the company’s mission to enable one million creators to live off their art.

Gender-Inclusive Language in Germany

Language—and our understanding of it—is constantly evolving. In Germany there’s been a movement in recent years away from the gender binaries within the language to provide room for inclusivity and diversity within existing words and grammar. Learn how Spotify is supporting gender-inclusive language or gender-responsible language on our platform.