How We’re Answering Users’ Questions With New ‘Tips and Tricks’ Initiative

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I customize my Spotify profile?” or wondered if you can create a playlist of both music and podcasts, you’re not alone. The Spotify app (and the Spotify Kids app, for that matter) has capabilities many users may not expect or realize—but no longer. As part of a new social-driven program on @SpotifyCares, we’re unveiling Spotify Tips & Tricks, an ongoing product education resource that will highlight the amazing features and content you may not be familiar with that Spotify has to offer.

The initiative will surface bite-sized—you guessed it—tips, tricks, and how-to information on everything from redeeming gift cards to changing your display name to making a playlist. It will cover features available for users across all of our Free or Premium offerings.

Our hope is to engage with you, our users, to proactively identify your pain points and solve problems, help you find and enjoy our premium product experiences and offerings, and ultimately make sure you’re getting the most of your audio experience—all while continuing to be the brand you know and love.

Can’t wait for the insider info? Follow @SpotifyCares, our channel for customer service, on Twitter, where we’ll be launching the new content series. Find the answers to topics such as how to listen while offline, find different methods for Premium account payment, and connect with integrated devices like smart speakers and watches.

As the name Spotify Cares suggests, we care about our users and helping you make the most of the app. Plus, after you follow @SpotifyCares on Twitter, stay on the lookout for the Tips & Tricks initiative on the Customer Support YouTube channel and FAQ site