Spotify's Fuego Haunted Playlist cover art with a spooky house comic style illustration with a front door that looks like a scary mouth

Fuego’s New Haunted Playlist Turns Music Listening Into a One-of-a-Kind Game

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re getting into the spirit with Fuego’s Haunted Playlist. This unique on-platform experience turns your listening session into a game where you can interact with our innovative Latin mixtapes in an all-new way. 

“Since its launch last year, Fuego’s mission has been to innovate and bring new listening experiences that feel unique and surprise our community of listeners,” said Antonio Vázquez, Spotify Head of U.S. Latin Editorial. “The inspiration for Haunted Playlist comes from the desire to introduce the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book format to the playlist world. It allows fans to become the protagonist in the story and unravel the mysteries hidden inside this playlist.”

All of the action unfolds inside Fuego’s spooky mansion, where you must navigate between rooms to discover a pair of secret mixtapes curated by a couple of surprise artists. For the visuals, we worked with Chinelo Creative Agency and Mexican illustrator Diego Lavalle, who created the ghostly characters and backdrops hovering throughout the playlists. We also partnered with Latin Grammy-winning producer-engineer Daniel “Vago” Galindo, who created various soundscapes inspired by popular Halloween themes.

To start your adventure, visit Fuego’s Haunted Playlist and click the link in the description to enter the mansion. Instead of the usual cover and tracklist, you’ll find a bespoke cover and 10 Halloween-themed sound clips. In the description, you’ll also find a series of links, each with a different prompt that will send you on a separate path. Where you head in the mansion depends on what you click.

Each link guides you to a new playlist that features more prompts that will guide you around the mansion. But choose wisely if you want to reach the secret mixtapes: There’s one path that leads to the dungeon . . . and that means game over.

For the Record spoke with Antonio, who along with the US Latin Editorial team, brought the Haunted Playlist to life, to learn what inspired the Fuego Haunted Playlist, and what makes it a special experience for fans. 

How does the Haunted Playlist enhance the listening experience for fans?

We’re transforming passive listening into an active, participatory adventure. By allowing fans to become the protagonists, we’ve turned the act of listening into an interactive journey, making the music even more immersive and memorable. This unique approach adds a layer of excitement and engagement that sets Fuego apart and creates a more meaningful connection with our audience.

In addition to the thrilling childhood books, what inspired Fuego Haunted Mansion?

The gaming industry has been a significant inspiration for some of the recent campaigns we’ve launched on Fuego. In multiplayer video games, it is common to see limited-time special events where users can encounter new features and obtain exclusive rewards. It felt important to draw from this concept and understand how it would translate when integrated into an editorial playlist. That’s how we decided to harness Halloween as a cultural moment to create an engaging adventure for our users to enjoy.

This is definitely different from most Spotify playlist experiences. Did you have to find creative solutions to make this work on-platform?

During the development process, we had to come up with solutions to accommodate the number of songs in the playlist, the interlinking of playlists, and the delivery of audio content as you move through the house. Fortunately, we were able to adapt and implement our ideas, which preserved the core concept, and helped to maintain a seamless user experience. The final result is highly polished, and we’re enthusiastic about introducing it to users.

How are fans responding to these sorts of novel experiences?

It has been encouraging to see the results from our previous campaigns, which promote more interactive ways to play with music. Fuego’s core audience, which is increasingly Gen Z and Alpha generations, are seeking deeper connections with the music they love.

In our latest Fuego Mixtapes mini site campaign in May, we invited fans to submit their own mixtape and have a chance of being a guest curator of the playlist. This initiative generated significant interest, surpassing our expectations regarding the level of engagement and the extent to which users were willing to express themselves. 

What can fans expect from Fuego Mixtapes going forward?

Building on the success of recent interactive campaigns, Fuego aims to push the boundaries of traditional playlists, providing opportunities for fans to actively connect with their favorite music and engage on a deeper level. 

Ready to jump into Fuego’s Haunted Playlist and discover the secret mixtapes? Click here if you dare…